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Current topics

(Archived as of 2014.)

Walmart withdrew its offer to build a store at this site, citing the uncertainties and extensive timeframe and delays in the Montgomery County zoning and permitting application and approval processes. ("Wal-Mart drops plans to build store in Aspen Hill, citing Montgomery zoning delay". Turque, Bill. Washington Post. August 13, 2014 downloaded 2014 August 13)

Kohl's opened in Northgate Plaza Shopping Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and Grand Opening at 8:30AM Wednesday, September 26 2012.

As of August 7, 2012, "micro-paving" will be ongoing along Parkland Drive from Aspen Hill Road to Chesterfield Road; along the length of Heathfield Road; and, along the segment of Marianna Drive between Parkland Drive and Bauer Drive. This will continue until completed, possibly the entire week.

As of April 2012, water-main and sanitation repairs and upgrades continue along Heathfield Road and nearby streets.

FACEBOOK group started: | Aspen Hill, MD -- Public Interest Group.

As of August 10, 2011, the street resurfacing is completed.

As of August 2, 2011 Street Resurfacing will commence between Parkland Drive and Arctic Avenue on Renn Street and West Frankfort Drive, and on Marianna Drive between Aspen Hill Road and Bauer Drive. The No Parking zone can be towing enforced.

As of July 2, 2011, street markings indicate impending street repairs on Bauer Drive from end to end within Aspen Hill, and on Arctic Avenue. Commuters may wish to seek alternate routes.

Aspen Hill Shell robbed; Luis Andres Portillo, 22, of the 4100 block of Heathfield Road,is arrested (Rockville man arrested Monday for weekend robbery of Aspen Hill gas station, Arias, Jeremy, Gazette, June 28 2011, downloaded 2011 June 28).

ARRESTED on June 24, 2011, for an incident of attempted rape near Connecticut Avenue and Independence Street, one Roberto Cruz Gonzales.

As of June 15th, 2011, markings and street signs indicate that the Aspen Knolls subdivision near Brookhaven Elementary School, and along Marianna Drive will see asphalt patching operations.

As of May 20, 2011, street paving is in progress along the northern extents of Parkland Drive. This is part of the Wheaton Woods Renewal project. If you commute along Parkland Drive between Aspen Hill Road and Chesterfield Road, you may want to adjust your start times.

As of March 31, 2011, the "jiffy john" is back in Aspen Hill Local Park.

An officer was forced to shoot an armed suspect (Gazette.Net) Saturday March 26, 2011 at the Northgate Plaza Shopping Center, in the vicinity of the Wachovia Bank building.

A Neighborhood Watch meeting is scheduled for April 6th, 2011, 7:00PM downstairs at the Aspen Hill Library. The topic is Drugs and Your Community.

February 7, 2011: the Rock Creek Hiker Biker Trail Bridge over Veirs Mill Road is now open to the public!

January 28, 2011: the heavy wet snowfall of January 26 left some 145,000 customers of PEPCO without electrical power. Power has been restored to much of Aspen Hill and surrounding areas as of January 28. We apologize for any inconvenience to our users as a result of our downtime.

January 19, 2011: Significant repairs to natural gas lines are underway in the Bel Pre Woods subdivision, mostly along Arctic Avenue and in the Flint Rock Road neighborhood. Long sections of Arctic Avenue are under repair and traffic will be controlled by flagmen, so adjust your commuting plans.

January 12, 2011: Aspen Hill Neighborhood Watch's general meeting drew some 80 attendees to the Aspen Hill Library to see a presentation by police representatives on the subject of "How to Secure Your Home". Additionally, contributions were collected to allow placement of notice signs that will inform anyone entering the area that we have an active Neighborhood Watch keeping an eye on the streets.

November 22, 2010: A woman was raped in a wooded area along Georgia Avenue south of Aspen Hill Road on November 20 about 1:00AM (Friday night/Saturday morning). Her assailant allegedly dragged her into the woods and raped her and then fled south into the woods. This is the third sexual assault in five months in a wooded area of Aspen Hill. All are so far unsolved and the assailant or assailants remain at large ("Woman raped in Aspen Hill woods Police note similarities to previous attack; third sexual assault in area in five months", Bondeson, Jen, Montgomery Gazette, November 21, 2010 downloaded 2010 November 21).

November 5, 2010: An attempted rape in a wooded area near Independence Street and Connecticut Avenue may have been foiled when the intended victim bit her attacker's genitals (Woman escapes from attacker by biting him during assault in Aspen Hill, Nourmohammadi, Nesa, Montgomery Gazette, November 5, 2010, downloaded 2010 November 5). This is the second such attack within six months, with another sexual assault early Sunday June 13 2010, near intersection of Aspen Hill Road and Veirs Mill Road. It is not known if the two incidents are related in any way.

August 8, 2010: The 4000/4100 block of Heathfield Road almost totally repaired, after being blocked off due to major water main break August 4. The road was badly damaged and was generally impassible. Repairs included removal of all paving material and complete replacement with new paving.

Power was restored to most of Aspen Hill (including this server's location) as of about 9:45PM July 27. The powerful storms of late afternoon July 25, 2010, knocked out electrical power for approximately 200,000 PEPCO customers, mostly due to fallen trees and comparable major physical damage to electrical grid components.

District 19 (includes Aspen Hill) State Delegate Candidates Forum July 18, 2010, at the Bauer Drive Community Recreation Center was well-attended and all candidates answered a wide range of questions regarding their policies, outlook, and intentions. As this was sponsored by the District 19 Democrat club, only Democrat candidates spoke.

Mandatory Water Restrictions for Montgomery County since July 1, 2010, due to major emergency water-main repairs have been lifted as of July 6, 2010.

A Neighborhood Watch first meeting was held Monday June 28, 2010 at the Aspen Hill Library public meeting room. This was very well attended.

As of May 5, 2010, WSSC is repairing water mains in Aspen Hill Park and Rock Creek Manor subdivision.

BAE Systems has vacated the 260,000 square-foot office building at 13900 Connecticut Avenue / 4115 Aspen Hill Road.

Sidewalk corner-curb replacement work for Bauer Drive began around mid-March, 2010, and is now completed as of April 15, 2010. See also Wheaton Woods Renewal.

WSSC Contract BR/CR4059A05, water and sewer main repairs in Aspen Hill Park began March 1, 2010 and is now nearly completed.

The Snowpocalypse has come and gone.

Black Rose Forge and the Hermitage homestead celebrate and preserve their very long history in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

Missing Persons Registry and Reporting (Sahana System)

We have found and mounted a lot of US Census Records for Aspen Hill. Special thanks to this researcher!

19 individuals indicted from "Lion King Tribe" of Latin Kings, including some of those allegedly responsible for the January 2008 botched gang firebombing in the 19800 block of Parkland Drive.

We are now tracking Foreclosed and Distressed Properties.

Learn more about historic Aspin Hill Pet Cemetery!

Parkland Drive is being repaved in sections. No set date for final layer is available.

Please learn about Wheaton Woods Renewal!