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Plotting Outline of Liber 2036 Folio 553

As Thomas knows I'm not very adept at visualizing what a tract would look like from the metes and bounds description. I tried to plot a few using the online tool at This requires translating the description into a shorthand version according to directions on the site...

For now we have a very simple tract plotter for free use from any computer with a web browser. It works with straight lines only. Calls must be made in the example forms given below, with periods separating degrees, minutes, and seconds; only degrees are required. Each call must be on its own line. Closure will appear as a red line. I could have made a mistake here:

S52.05.45E 2378.83F
N74.13.28 E 1862.30F
S72.24.54E 530.68F
N8.05.27W 3267F
N53.28.37W 642.38F
S53.28.42W 635.91F
N0.40.12W 1117.62F
S86.34.56W 1487.07F
S19.26.42E 999.17F
S4.21.29E 1377.98F
S55.51.50W 925.28F
S36.55.44W 75.64F
S18.15.45W 78.74F
S27.22.25W 57.68F
S50.40.44W 139.91F

Here's the first plot of Liber 2036 Folio 553:


The website reports: 249.77908112216 acres (+/- 10.557343 acres) Closure: S86.24.22W 658.354520f (4.2266723743208% perimeter error)

So the area is less than it should be and the points don't close. Does anyone see where I went wrong?

Gfc62 18:00, 21 April 2011 (EDT)

Plotting Liber 1058 Folio 94

My second attempt, this time using the description found at Liber 1058 Folio 94

S53.28.50W 637.65F
S86.14.15W 660F
N0.43.20W 1118.10F
S86.29.52W 1486F
S19.45E 997.26F
S4.26.50E 1376.94F
S50.38.10W 1257.62F
S52.9E 2383.45F
N74.12.5E 1860.54F
S72.34.55E 528.00F
N8.7.13W 3263.51F
N53.31.10W 639F

results in:


278.16680196039 acres (+/- 0.154348 acres) Closure: N29.18.14W 8.993446f (0.055487460731904% perimeter error)

This path closes (within 8 feet) and the area is about right at 278.16 acres.

So why does it differ so much in shape near Arctic Park and West of Dowlais?

I couldn't tell you, however please see Various Tracts Over Time (you may have to maximize your browser).

Contrast and compare. I'm working, very much on the back burner, on learning to use the Math::Geo PERL calls to generate data for tract maps suitable for inserting into the Googlemap API. It's tough going and until my eyes get better or I get better glasses, I can make only limited progress. For now, though, most of the major tracts are mapped. Thardman 19:56, 21 April 2011 (EDT)

That's where I started, by looking at Various Tracts Over Time I couldn't figure out what the blue line along Oriental represents, the line with three segments ending at the W. line of Hermitage by the Wheaton Woods Pool.


What tract is that blue line part of?

Gfc62 08:41, 22 April 2011 (EDT)

I see you did mention the blue lines in the Arctic Ave talk page. I see from your javascript comments on the map page that this was the beginning of plotting the Earle II tract. Talk:Arctic_Avenue

This isn't perfect I think I missed something where the z-shaped zig happens. EarleTract2.png

Gfc62 12:48, 22 April 2011 (EDT)

Unclosed Blue Line

That single line segment was for a tracts I was trying to plot, then sort of abandoned as it turned out that it was more-or-less an interior of the later Goodman Tract. Additionally, I couldn't find any landmark for the endpoint of the next line, wihch would mean that the rest of it would be entirely guesswork. I probably should sideline it to another page. Thardman 13:09, 22 April 2011 (EDT)

Too bad can't convert the points to absolute lat/lon coordinates given the lat/long of the start point. Maybe I'll take a look at Metes and Bounds software

Gfc62 12:48, 22 April 2011 (EDT)

Gfc62 13:20, 22 April 2011 (EDT)