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Sunrise Park was the name given to a development of homes in the Bel Pre Woods subdivision of Aspen Hill. These homes were developed by L.G. Meltzer Associates, Inc., Builders and Developers.

Sales Brochure

The only documentation I have for "Sunrise Park" is a sales brochure from around 1963 that describes the development and displays drawings and floor plans for the six home designs being sold. The image below is a scan from the front of that brochure:


The rear of the brochure shows the rough location of the development.


Extent of Development

The model homes were located in the vicinity of Kemper Street and Loree Lane. While I'm not sure of the extent of this development, I'm pretty sure it covered parts of Kemper Street, Loree Lane, Arctic Avenue (between Arctic Park and Renn Street), Flint Rock Road (between Arctic Avenue and Vista Drive) Congress Drive south of Vista Drive, and all of Vista Drive. I believe these homes were all or part of Bel Pre Woods Plats Eight, Nine, Twelve, and Thirteen.

Renderings and Floor Plans from Sales Brochure

The inside of this sales brochure includes elevation drawings and floor plans of six home designs being sold.


Aerial Photos During Construction

A nice snapshot in time of the homes in plat 12 and 13 being built can be seen on the Historic Aerials 1963 map of this area by clicking on this note:[1]

Arctic Avenue is shown on this aerial photograph ending at Oriental St then restarting just past the current Arctic Park, passing an incomplete Russet Road, Flint Rock Road then terminating just past Danet Place. The right of way for Arctic continues unpaved past Renn Street and Vista Drive where it turns into a dirt path passing the future intersections with West Frankfort Drive, the North end of Flint Rock Road, and Bauer Drive. From this point the roadbed of Arctic Avenue picks up again past construction underway in the vicinity of Morgal Street, Bestor Drive, and Dabney Drive.

Additional Information Welcome

If anyone has additional information about this development, please contribute what you know.