School's Out Soccer Tournament at Maryland Soccerplex, Germantown MD, June 12-13, 2008

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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From Susan Johnson (2008 June 12):

Dear Friends:

I spent the afternoon with Christine Simms, her son CJ, Tierra Baker, and about 60 kids out at the Maryland Soccerplex today. Maura Lynch, States Attorney, expressed concern for the youth in our CSAFE area about a month ago, and brought a group of us together to share her vision to put on a Soccer Tournament on these two days after school has let out.

Amazingly, the vision came into reality; she secured the Soccerplex, I believe at no cost; Carol McKenzie at the Mid-County Regional Center was able to marshal funds for red soccer Tshirts with numbers on the back of each, and yellow T shirts for the police officers and other volunteers who refereed and taught the kids the game, and for food. The Recreation Department came through with bus transportation from various places in down county, canopies to give us some shade, water coolers, and a wonderful staff. By late in the afternoon, there was some really good action on the fields, and the kids were having a ball. Tomorrow they will be teamed up for actual competition at this beautiful county facility at the South Germantown Recreation Park.

The youth were picked up this morning in our area from Argyle Middle School, Loiderman and Parkland, and others kids on our bus were from Newport Mill Middle School. Rosa Bowers recruited a whole bunch of kids, and Vivian Scretchen also raised a good group from the Bel Pre Square area, and others came from our area. It was really good to see the kids having a good time, and this hopefully is an example of how volunteers, county agencies, our police personnel, corporations, and others can work together to show our youth that we do care about them. Christine Simms will be out there tomorrow helping out, and we will look forward to hearing more about the impact of this effort.

Susan L. Johnson, Co-Leader
CSAFE MCNI Workgroup