Rock Creek Hiker Biker Trail

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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The Rock Creek Stream Valley Park has a variety of trails in it. The Rock Creek Hiker Biker Trail is one such trail.


The Rock Creek Hiker Biker Trail has its origin north of Aspen Hill at Lake Needwood, and continues south into the District of Columbia. In Aspen Hill, runs south along the eastern bank of Rock Creek, rising to terminate in the lower parking lot of Aspen Hill Local Park. From there, it descends down Baltic Street and Adrian Street to cross Veirs Mill Road and leave Aspen Hill.

Hiker Biker Trail Construction

As of 2008 December 15, construction has started on the "Alternative 5" Hiker Biker Trail (layout map image) and bridge across Veirs Mill Road.

As of 2009 September 24, pavement has begun on segments of the trail near the parking lot of Aspen Hill Local Park. The paving is a special highly-pervious concrete mix from which all fines have been removed to render the surface more porous to water.

As of 2011 February 7, the bridge is open to the public.


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