Renn Street

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Renn Street is a residential street in central Aspen Hill, Maryland


Renn Street has a western terminus at Arctic Avenue in the Bel Pre Woods subdivision. It runs uphill roughly east between Brookhaven Elementary School and Parkland Middle School. At the hilltop, it enters the Aspen Knolls subdivision and crosses Marianna Drive, runs level for a while, and then curves as it descends past the intersection with the southern terminus of Bauer Drive, enters the Wheaton Woods subdivision, and terminates at Parkland Drive.

Renn Street is a Snow Emergency Route, a connecting route and a circuit route component.

Road Type

Renn Street is a connecting route.

Between Arctic Avenue and Marianna Drive, Renn Street has two travel lanes and two parking lanes. Parking is partially restricted in this area because of the schools.

Between Marianna Drive and Parkland Drive, Renn Street has one travel lane and two parking lanes.

The intersection with Bauer Drive is an interesting triangular yield and merge arrangement.


In August 2011, significant "micro-resurfacing"of the street is underway.

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