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From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Gangs in Aspen Hill

Please see the article on Gangs in Aspen Hill.

Please consider reading Best Practices to Address Community Gang Problems (PDF) from the US Office of Juvenile Justice Programs.

Anti-Crime Efforts

We have a bit of a crime problem here in Aspen Hill.

REAL TIME CRIME: Please see the MAP of recent call for service to 911. You may have to manually select the Crime Types which interest you.

Neighborhood Watch Forming

A Neighborhood Watch group formed Monday June 28, 2010. The first meeting took place at the Aspen Hill Library. A series of subsequent meetings continues to develop the Neighborhood Watch.

High-Profile Cases History

We have a fairly comprehensive History of High-Profile Cases in Aspen Hill.

Please read about the Mid-County Neighborhood Initiative. An example of some of our projects can be found at School's Out Soccer Tournament at Maryland Soccerplex, Germantown MD, June 12-13, 2008. There are photos.

You can help by downloading some "Check-On Patrol Request" forms and sending them via FAX to your local station.

If you lived here in 1975, please see the Kathy Beatty Investigation website.

Please see the comprehensive Washington Post coverage.

Aspen Hill, Maryland, is widely considered a gangster playground and a place that the rest of Montgomery County considers a lost cause, mostly due to the pervasive Crime problem. This once was moreso the case to the eastern side of Georgia Avenue, but as police activity combined with rental-property management cooperation through the mid-2000s, much of the criminal activity has been relocated from the apartment and condominium communities into the single-family detached residential neighborhoods.

Pa050012 small.png

Don't worry, he's not dead, just dead drunk. At a bus stop. In broad daylight. On a weekday. Typical Aspen Hill.

Be advised that there may be a variety of groups engaging in what amounts to organized stalking. The nature and intentions of such groups may range from locals curious about their new neighbors, through burglary rings or other organized crime groups or actual gangs, various organizations representing themselves as "neighborhood safety" organizations operating outside of police supervision, and up to and including law-enforcement renegade operations and international espionage. We are, after all, awfully close to Washington, DC.

Increased Patrols Deter Drunks

Aspen Hill Local Park will be the object of increased police patrols for the forseeable future.

Flooding caused by Tropical Storm Hanna seems to have washed away some homeless camps that were located in the Rock Creek Park right near Aspen Hill Local Park. Yet regardless of weather events and recurrent police raids, homeless camps continue to exist in the parks, potentially providing refuge and harbor for criminally active individuals and groups.

National Night Out Against Crime

Our National Night Out events in Aspen Hill were successes by all accounts.

We had a rather successful Clean-up of North Gate Park, thanks to the people from Marriott Corp.

Free Lunch for Kids in Aspen Hill

The summer meals program has ended for this year, but its successes are paving the way for expanded programs serving children and young people in the Aspen Hill area.