National Night Out

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National Night Out Against Crime is a nationwide annual event organized by the National Association of Town Watch. Perhaps you'd like to see the website of the National Night Out organization?


To All,

Last night's Bel Pre Square National Night Out community event was outstanding! It clearly demonstrated the high level of community pride, positive leadership and spirit of caring that exists within the Bel Pre Square community. I wish to congratulate and thank Melodye Berry, Vivian Scretchen, Christine Simms, and all members of the Bel Pre Square and neighboring communities who planned and participated in this GREAT National Night Out at Bel Pre Square!

Lieutenant Edward C. Harhai
Deputy Commander, 4th District 

Additionally, the annual National Night Out Block Party on Gaines Drive went well, with dozens of adults and even more young folk in attendance. A good time was had by all and as near as we can tell, all of the eyes on the street kept crime at bay at least for the time that we were all out there.