Montrose Parkway

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The Montrose Parkway is a park expressway with limited connections to other surface streets. It was proposed in the late 1950s and is being completed in stages. Though its planned route lies entirely outside of Aspen Hill, the initial plans included a segment transiting Aspen Hill, mostly in the stream valley of the Turkey Branch (Watery Branch) of Rock Creek, through what is now known as Matthew Henson State Park. The revised plan scheduled for construction starting in about 2010 will not enter Aspen Hill but will terminate at one boundary, the intersection of Parkland Drive and Veirs Mill Road.


The Montrose Parkway West connects from the interchange of Montrose Road and I-270 in southern Rockville to a temporary terminus very near to the intersection of Rockville Pike (MD-355) and Montrose/Randolph Road. As of 2008, this is effectively completed and is already open to traffic.

The Montrose Parkway East is planned to connect from just east of the main line of rail which parallels just east of Rockville Pike, crossing to the north of Randolph Road just west of the rail line of the intersection of Randolph Road and Parklawn Drive, and thereafter traveling roughly east-northeast to cross Rock Creek, and then curve north to connect with Veirs Mill Road on the alignment of the former Gaynor Road.


You may wish to view the Montgomery County Department of Public Works and Transportation Montrose Parkway East website. There are large PDF files available for your download and perusal, including detailed site plans. Many thanks to Nancy Floreen (D, At-large County Council) for the reference.