Marianna Drive

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Marianna Drive is connecting route and residential street in the Aspen Knolls subdivision of Aspen Hill, Maryland.


Marianna Drive has a southern terminus at Aspen Hill Road. From there it travels north, roughly paralleling Bauer Drive for most of its length. It intersects with Renn Street, W. Frankfort Drive, and the turns to the east and crosses Bauer Drive. At the intersection with Parkland Drive, Marianna Drive changes name to Heathfield Road.

Marianna Drive is a hill crest route.

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Road Type

For most of its length, Marianna Drive has one traffic lane and two parking lanes. For the short block between the intersections with Bauer Drive and Parkland Drive, it has two traffic lanes and two parking lanes. Along this short block, it is also a Snow Emergency Route.


Marianna Drive, for part of its length, parallels the remnant of an old 30-foot wide road, "old Marianna Drive".

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