Magellan Avenue

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Magellan Avenue is a connecting route and residential street in the Aspen Hill Park (section 1) subdivision of Aspen Hill, Maryland.


Magellan Avenue has a southern terminus at the northeastern corner of the Wheaton Woods Local Park. From there it runs due North, descending a gentle hill to cross Glasgow Drive, then rises again past Hallet Place to the northern terminus at Iris Street.

A short half-block from the northern terminus is Aspen Hill Road.

Magellan Avenue is the easternmost north-south route in the Aspen Hill Park (section 1) subdivision.

Road Type

For most of its length, Magellan Avenue has one traffic lane and two parking lanes.


The rear lot line of the homes on the eastern side of Magellan Avenue is part of the eastern bound of the former Goodman Tract, the large tract of land on which the whole Aspen Hill Park neighborhood was later built.

The three roads crossing Magellan Avenue are the only direct vehicular routes from the Aspen Hill Park neighborhood into the Wheaton Woods neighborhood.

Homeowner and Property Information

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