Independence Street

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Independence Street is a stream-crossing connecting road.


Independence Street runs west from Connecticut Avenue at the southernmost end of the Aspen Hill Shopping Center and crosses the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek just north of the Matthew Henson State Park. It rises through southern Aspen Hill to just southwest of the intersection with Vandalia Drive and then descends to the intersection with Parkland Drive. West of Parkland Drive, it rises past its intersection with Justice Road to its terminus at Keating Street.

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North of Veirs Mill Road, Independence Street is the southernmost connecting route crossing the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek. A more southern crossing is by Elizabeth Street, but that is not a connecting route.

Road Type

For most of its length, Independence Street is a Snow Emergency Route.

At the intersection with Connecticut Avenue, Independence Street has four travel lanes with no parking between Connecticut Avenue and nearby Turkey Branch Parkway. From Turkey Branch Parkway to Parkland Drive, Independence Street has two travel lanes and two parking lanes with a double-yellow-line center stripe. West of Parkland Drive, Independence Street is three lanes, with two parking lanes and one travel lane.

Justice Road and Independence Street west of Parkland Drive form a connecting route between Aspen Hill Road and Parkland Drive

Property Values and Ownership

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