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From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Heathfield Road is one of the main roads in Aspen Hill. Together with a small portion of Marianna Drive and most of Bauer Drive, it is part of one of the few east-west routes through the neighborhood.


Heathfield Road's western origin is at the intersection of Parkland Drive and Marianna Drive. From there it travels eastward down a significant hill past the entry to Heathfield Court into the stream valley of the buried part of the western fork of the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek, and crosses Oakvale Street. It then curves to the northeast as it ascends from the stream valley, crossing the hilltop at London Lane, then descending slightly as if covers the short block to Georgia Avenue. To the east, a stub continues as Postgate Terrace.

Circuit Route Component

Heathfield Road is part of multiple Circuit Routes. It is one of the best-connected and thus most important roads in Aspen Hill. With the exception of Heathfield Court, every road intersecting with Heathfield Road is also part of other circuit routes.

Road Type

Heathfield Road, for all of its length except for the short block between London Lane and Georgia Avenue, is a two lane road with two parking lanes. For the short block, there is no parking permitted.

Heathfield Road is a Snow Emergency Route. It is a Connecting Road.


Heathfield Road was tentatively named "Niagara Street" as seen in the Wheaton Woods subdivision and Brookhaven subdivision plat maps.

Infrastructure Problems


August 4, 2010: The 4000/4100 block of Heathfield Road is blocked off due to major water main break. The road is badly damaged and is generally impassible. The road was completely replaced by August 9 throughout the entire 4100 block, with curb-to-curb removal and replacement of all pavement, after completion of WSSC repairs.

A comparable break occurred in approximately 2005, due to freezing weather. (The exact date is not known at this time.)

Snow Emergency Route Parking Problems

In recent years, most of the people on the 4000 block of Heathfield Road do not park their vehicles off of the road as required in Snow Emergency conditions. This has led to delayed, or failed, snow-plowing operations. This was particularly problematic during the Snowpocalypse of February 2010.

Repairs and Upgrades


WSSC replaces water main along length of Heathfield Road.

County completes repairs with "micro-paving", early August.

Homeowner and Property Information

Would you like to see Homeowner and Property Information for both Heathfield Court and Heathfield Road?