Chesterfield Road

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Chesterfield Road is a connecting residential street.


Chesterfield Road has a western terminus at Chadwick Lane, and travels roughly east past the intersection with Parkland Drive and then curves to the northeast. It crosses Bel Pre Road/Bonifant Road into the Manor Park Subdivision (which surrounds Manor Country Club) and curves again to the west to run parallel to Bel Pre Road.

Road Type

Chesterfield Road is a Snow Emergency Route.

Chesterfield Road has one traffic lane and two parking lanes.


Road Name

Prior to the 1960s, Chesterfield Road within Manor Park was known "the Layhill Road", or simply as "Layhill Road", because of its destination of Layhill. This is a common source of confusion when researching land-use history in the area, as it is an easy thing to conflate the historic "Layhill Road" with the modern Layhill Road, which is Maryland Route 182.

Montgomery County Land Records has a deed at Liber 3203, folio 475, which confirms this.