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Wheaton Woods is a neighborhood in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

It is also the legal name of the Wheaton Woods subdivision. The subdivision is significantly larger than the neighborhood.


Wheaton Woods, as a neighborhood, generally describes most of Aspen Hill that was built before 1959.

It is characterized by Single Family Detached Residential houses generally built in the early 1950s through the late 1950s.

The Wheaton Woods neighborhood comprises parts (or the entirety) of several subdivisions. As well as part of the Wheaton Woods subdivision and part of the Brookhaven and part of the Stoneybrook Estates subdivision, Wheaton Woods comprises the entirety of the Robindale and Royal View subdivisions.


The Wheaton Woods neighborhood lies west of Matthew Henson State Park and Turkey Branch Parkway, east of Magellan Avenue, south of Aspen Hill Road, and north of Veirs Mill Road.

It may be thought of as having a center at the intersection of Parkland Drive and Independence Street.

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Wheaton Woods is bisected by the north-south route of Parkland Drive. The only route in or out to the east is Independence Street. Many smaller streets exit northward or westward onto the western curves of Aspen Hill Road, which is one of the major boundaries of this neighborhood.


Please see the article on the Wheaton Woods subdivision. That article has more detail and has links to plat maps from the time of subdivision.

Most of the houses in the southern part of Wheaton Woods were built in the early 1950s; many of the homes near the southern end of Parkland Drive show build dates of 1952.



Wheaton Woods Local Park

Wheaton Woods Local Park is located near the center of the neighborhood.

Matthew Henson State Park and Hiker-Biker Trail

The eastern side of the neighborhood is bounded, in part, by the Matthew Henson State Park. The Matthew Henson Hiker-Biker Trail has connections from the southern part of the Wheaton Woods neighborhood to points north and east, such as the Harmony Hills neighborhood, the Hewitt Avenue neighborhood, and communities in and around Layhill, Maryland.



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