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Most of the houses in the southern part of Wheaton Woods were built in the early 1950s; many of the homes near the southern end of Parkland Drive show build dates of 1952.
Most of the houses in the southern part of Wheaton Woods were built in the early 1950s; many of the homes near the southern end of Parkland Drive show build dates of 1952.
Much of the land that would become Wheaton Woods was originally large farms. One such was the [[Cassell Tract]], often referred to in deeds in the area, transferred on February 6, 1866 from one John H Sartholf to John Cassell and others. As time went by, this and comparable large tracts were sold, generally as smaller parcels of the original property.
On July 18, 1938, one Christian G. Hurlebaus died intestate. He had previously bought a parcel of land described as lying within the tract of  "[[Bradford's Rest]]" on June 5, 1905 as mentioned in liber 182 folio 246, that parcel having first been in the hands of William G and Georgia C Eimer. Additionally, other land (liber 382, folio 124) had been acquired from Carl C and Freida R Braun on August 12, 1925. On May 2, 1941, ownership of these parcels (49.39 and 25.96 acres, respectively) was transferred to Clarence W and Gretchen L Bauer. This "[[Bauer Tract]]" included land that is now the site of the [[Aspen Hill Public Library|Aspen Hill Library]]. It is one of the few large remaining accessible green spaces in central Aspen Hill.
Other lands in and around the central part of Aspen Hill were aggregated near the end of the Second World War, and changed hands several times in September 1947, with one Gertrude Allison Doyle having aggregated a dozen or so smaller tracts into the so-called "[[Doyle Tracts]]", most of which eventually wound up in the hands of Elias Gelman, who was the original developer of Wheaton Woods into more or less the modern form.
On February 18, 1904, one John W Lucas purchased, from trustees, "a part of [[Hermitage]]" which part is now the site of the [[St Jude Catholic School]]. In 1924, that land passed to one Marcella Hogan and her husband, and on June 20th, 1935 to one Louise E Goebel. The [[Goebel Tract]] went on to be developed as the small subdivisions of [[:Category:Subdivision, Robindale|Robindale]] and [[:Category:Subdivision, Royal View|Royal View]]. Somehow the property came into the hands of one D. E. Powell and was conveyed to June 24, 1953, to one William Robinowitz (liber 1813, folio 226).
On April 7, 1932, one Loretta Lynch ("unmarried") received title to lots 10-15 in block 4 of "Rosedale Park" (plat book 1, folio 92). This included much of the lands that lay east of Parkland Drive along the Turkey Branch, which in older deeds is also referred to as "the Watery Branch".
===Prominent Names===
Examination of [http://www.aspenhillnet.net/images/neighborhood/plats/wheaton-woods/ Plat maps] obtained from the Maryland State Archives turns up the following names that figured in the early history and development of Wheaton Woods (and often in many other development histories):
Louise E. Goebel (Hermitage, liber 594, folio 271, Evanston Street & points west), Elias Gelman, Estelle S Gelman, Melvin Gelman, Louis Denit (liber 1406 folio 16), C. H. Conger (Hermitage, PBR 334, folio 445, lands at and east ot Turkey Branch), Nathan Goodman (including '''liber 1058, folio 94''' (motherlode of clue!), see [[:Category:Neighborhood, Aspen Hill Park|Aspen Hill Park history]]), William & Stella Robinowitz (Robindale), Floyd J & Betty R Collins & William A & Virginia R Koier (Frankfort Court).
===Prominent Corporations===
The following corporations were involved in the development of Wheaton Woods:
Woodlawn Land Company, Inc (of Washington, DC, Elias Gelman, President, Melvin Gelman, Secretary, Vivian E Matey, Asst Scty), Capital Mortgage Corporation (of Illinois, Robert Kramer, President, Walter Kilikowski, Scty), Donley Contruction Co., Inc (of Maryland, Donald E Gingery, President, Mary R Gingery, Scty), (Aspin Hill Construction Co, Inc. (the Gingery family), William N and Anita B Cafritz (CAF Land Homes, Inc), Southbrook Building Company, Inc (of Maryland, Thor Ringstrom, President, Cathryn V Mitchell, Scty).
===Important Deeds (Clues etc)===
Liber 1104, folio 91 - lands near and around Aspen Hill Library, 1948, references to liber JA-4 folio 423 for 104 acres in Hermitage, also to liber 464 / 488 for 2 acres in Bradford's Rest, also to several other parcels, most becoming part of the Wheaton Woods subdivisions.
Liber 2018 folio 229 is a small standalone lot near the property of the [[Wheaton Woods Pool]] which evidently existed before the main development project started in the area.
Liber 1878 folio 100 gives clues about why Keating Street doesn't go all of the way from Parkland Drive to Iris Place. See the [http://www.aspenhillnet.net/images/neighborhood/plats/wheaton-woods/26840.tif plat map (Plat 36, Wheaton Woods)].

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Wheaton Woods is a neighborhood in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

It is also the legal name of the Wheaton Woods subdivision. The subdivision is significantly larger than the neighborhood.


Wheaton Woods, as a neighborhood, generally describes most of Aspen Hill that was built before 1959.

It is characterized by Single Family Detached Residential houses generally built in the early-to-mid 1950s.

The Wheaton Woods neighborhood comprises parts (or the entirety) of several subdivisions. As well as part of the Wheaton Woods subdivision and part of the Brookhaven and part of the Stoneybrook Estates subdivision, Wheaton Woods comprises the entirety of the Robindale and Royal View subdivisions.


The Wheaton Woods neighborhood lies west of Matthew Henson State Park and Turkey Branch Parkway, east of Magellan Avenue, south of Aspen Hill Road, and north of Veirs Mill Road.

It may be thought of as having a center at the intersection of Parkland Drive and Independence Street.

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Wheaton Woods is bisected by the north-south route of Parkland Drive. The only route in or out to the east is Independence Street. Many smaller streets exit northward or westward onto the western curves of Aspen Hill Road, which is one of the major boundaries of this neighborhood.


Please see the article on the Wheaton Woods subdivision. That article has more detail and has links to plat maps from the time of subdivision.

Most of the houses in the southern part of Wheaton Woods were built in the early 1950s; many of the homes near the southern end of Parkland Drive show build dates of 1952.



Wheaton Woods Local Park is located at the center of the neighborhood.



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