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Aspen Hill Park is a neighborhood in Aspen Hill. It is characterized by Single Family Detached Residential houses generally built around 1961-1963.


Aspen Hill Park is north of Veirs Mill Road and/or Falcon Street; west of Evanston Street and/or Grenoble Drive; south of Kemper Street, Lance Court, Sloan Street, and Dowlais Court; and, east of Rock Creek.

Aspen Hill Park has two sections.


Section 1

We have compiled this timeline using Plat Maps from the Maryland State Archives.

From 1953 to 1955, various parties (Thomas J Goebel, James E Dillon, William A Craig, Jr et ux.) deeded land to the Archbishop of Washington DC, Patrick A O'Boyle, which became the property of the St Jude Church and part of the Royal View subdivision.

In March, 1955, one Minnie Goodman Bobys and her husband Asa Bobys deeded the land which is now that section of Adrian Street west of Aspen Hill Road, and parts of Baltic Avenue (liber 2036, folio 553), to Lawrence L Levin. Much of the surrounding land also passed from the Goodman-Bobys family to Levin over the subsequent months and years, with many "owner dedications" declaring subdivision of the land through 1957 or so.

In November 1957, we see owner declarations of subdivision by Metropolitan Homes, Inc. (Lawrence L Levin, President, Edith Matthews, Scty), after transfer of the property from Lawrence L and Regina Levin (liber 2397, folio 372).

One particular map with a declaration of the subdivision of the uphill side of Baltic Avenue shows the route of the historic Aspen Hill Road. Another small segment, though not labelled as such, may be seen in this map, indicated as "existing county r/w" (right-of-way). Interestingly, the new hiker-biker trail bridge over Veirs Mill Road, now under construction -- will in part overlay that original right-of-way.

Section 2

In April 1958, we find a owner declaration of subdivision which mentions a deed (plat book 60, plat 4982) transferring swaths of land from Metropolitan Homes, Inc., to Conover Corporation, Inc. (Simon Wagman, President, Ruth Wagman, Scty), (liber 2456, folio 208). This would be the beginning of "Section 2" of Aspen Hill Park.

Subsequent owner declarations subdivide north of Aspen Hill Road.

One such indicates transfer of property from Metropolitan Homes, Inc., to Montgomery County Development Corp, Inc (of Maryland, Abraham Hurwitz, President, I. William Ashman, Scty) in a deed dated April 20, 1959, liber and folio not provided).

Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland transferred title with deed (liber 2609, folio 685, June 10 1959) to St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Montgomery County, Maryland, for the property on Aspen Hill Road at Iris Street.

On a deed dated November 12, 1959, Teresa DiMaio -- noted as a widow -- transfers land to Adrian Corporation (liber 2672, folio 561) and to Crispin Corporation (liber 2672, folio 559). Both Adrian Corporation and Crispin Corporation have Sal DiMaio as President and Robert DiMaio as Secretary.

Other deeds from Teresa DiMaio of the same date were all recorded in liber 2672, as follows: to Bartlett Corporation (folio 560); to Dowlais Corporation (folio 562); Eades Corporation (folio 563); Iris Corporation (folio 564); Oriental Corporation (565). All of these corporations have Sal DiMaio as President and Robert DiMaio as Secretary.

In 1964, we see an owner declaration to subdivide a huge swath of "infill" that would complete connections between the Wheaton Woods and Bel Pre Woods neighborhoods, linking Iris Street and Iris Place in Wheaton Woods (and Aspen Hill Park Section 1) to Loree Lane in Bel Pre Woods. The titles transferred to Sandie Homes, Inc. (James E Cafritz, President, and Sandie Lu Cafritz, Scty), consolidating several previous titles to one holder (liber 3154, folio 107; liber 3182, folio 388; liber 3207, folio 275).

One swath of land remains to be developed, and this will connect the length of Arctic Avenue and connect several subdivisions along its length. It is recorded as belonging to one Samuel Davis, et al., and interestingly it is not noted as such in the vast majority of owner declaration of subdivision maps in the history of the Aspen Hill Park subdivision.

This final swath appears on the record and is declared to be subdivided. The transfer is to F.G.N. Incorporated (Melvyn Friedman, President, Marvin D Gitelson,President), from Melvyn Friedman (liber 3953, folio 481, March 20, 1970).

Shortly after this, Arctic Avenue is completed.



"Aspen Hill Road Relocation & Adrian Street"; Plat 4266; filed September 19, 1955

St Judes Church Property; plat 4384

Plat 6 part of block Z, previously filed in plat-book 54 plat 4266 (detail); filed January 2, 1956 (Adrian Street, part of Baltic Avenue

"Plat 1 blocks A-H & parts of blocks B, E, G, K, J & 1"; plat 4412; filed January 2, 1956 (parts of Eades Street, Glasgow Street, Tallahassee Street, Wissahican Street, Magellan Avenue, all of Narada Street)

12227.tif "Plat 2, blocks C, D, parts of blocks B, E, F, G"; plat 4413; filed January2, 1956 (parts of Eades Street, Iris Street, Hallet Place, Magellan Avenue, Oriental Street)





























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