Bauer Drive

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Bauer Drive is a stream-crossing east-west connecting route.


Bauer Drive starts at Renn Street and runs north-south parallel to Parkland Drive and crosses Marianna Drive to make a turn to the west. After its high point at Bardot Street, it descends steeply to the intersection with Arctic Avenue. It then immediately crosses Sycamore Creek and then continues westward across rolling hills to the intersection with Russett Road. It then makes a broad curve to the north around the athletic fields of Earle B Wood Middle School, rising to a high point near the Rock Creek Village Shopping Center and Bauer Drive Community Recreation Center, and then crosses out of Aspen Hill after the intersection with Norbeck Road.

Perhaps you would like to see a map pointer at the intersection of Bauer Drive and Arctic Avenue?

Circuit Route Component

Bauer Drive forms a circuit route along with Arctic Avenue and Russett Road.

Road Type

Bauer Drive has two traffic lanes and two parking lanes. Near the intersection with Norbeck Road it widens to four traffic lanes, with one southbound traffic lane and three northbound lanes, one through traffic and and a left-turn-inly and right-turn-only lane. This intersection is signal-controlled.

Renewal and Repairs

Starting in March 2010, crews are replacing the sidewalk corner curbs at intersections along the length of Bauer Drive. See also Wheaton Woods Renewal.


Between Renn Street and Marianna Drive, Bauer Drive and the homes along it (including corner lots) comprise the north "phase" of the Brookhaven subdivision in the Aspen Knolls neighborhood.

The rest of Bauer Drive, in Aspen Hill proper, transits the Bel Pre Woods subdivision and the Sycamore Creek neighborhood.