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General Characteristics of Aspen Hill, Maryland

Please see the Wikipedia entry for Aspen Hill, Maryland.

Aspen Hill, Maryland, is an aging suburb located north of Washington DC. It is about equally divided between Single Family Detached Residential houses and High Density Residential properties such as apartments or condominium units.

The majority of the Single Family Detached Residential units are to the west of Georgia Avenue, and the majority of High Density Residental units are to the east of Georgia Avenue, particularly along Hewitt Avenue, Bel Pre Road, and especially within the triangle bounded by Georgia Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, and Bel Pre Road.On the northern side of Bel Pre Road between Georgia and Connecticut Avenues there is a fairly large collection of townhomes.

MAP of Aspen Hill, Maryland

Perhaps you would like to download a very large 1979 USGS map of Kensington Quadrangle, which includes all of Aspen Hill.


Neighborhood in Partial Decline

Aspen Hill is becoming a Slumburbia. Current destabilization of the residential real-estate mortgage market, starting in late 2008 has accelerated this trend starting in early 2009. By August 2009, most of the primary wave of foreclosures has swept through. The so-called "alt-A" mortgage foreclosure wave is expected to begin another wave of foreclosures and evictions in September-October 2009.

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