Arctic Avenue

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Arctic Avenue is a north-south connecting route through Aspen Hill.


Arctic Avenue runs north from Arbutus Street, climbing steeply to the high point at the intersection with Aspen Hill Road. From there, it descends north past Wheaton Woods Baptist Church and the Melvin J Berman Hebrew Academy, crossing Oriental Street. From there it crosses another hill, descending to the intersection with Russett Road and rising towards Vista Drive. From there it descends to the floodplain of Sycamore Creek. From the intersection with Bauer Drive, it runs parallel to the east of Sycamore Creek to terrminate at Bel Pre Road.

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Circuit Route Component

Arctic Avenue forms a circuit route with Bauer Drive and Russett Road.

Road Type

Arctic Avenue is a Snow Emergency Route from Aspen Hill Road north to Bel Pre Road.

Arctic Avenue has two traffic lanes and two parking lanes. At the intersection with Aspen Hill Road, it has two traffic lanes and two left-turn-only lanes. From the Melvin J Berman Hebrew Academy to Aspen Hill Road there is a no-parking zone.


Most of Arctic Avenue was developed end-to-end more or less contemporaneously. Yet for many years after the rest of the road was completed, one wooded tract of approximately 30 acres remained undeveloped, as a result of contention in courts of equity. This was the so-called Davis Tract. In the late 1960s or in early 1970 (refs needed) title was passed to a developer, and within the early 1970s, Arctic Avenue was completed end-to-end.

Homeowner and Property Information

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