Woodworth Estate

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The Woodworth Estate was located at approximately the site of the present-day 7-11 and surrounding properties.


Liber 1871 and folio 54 note that as of December 14, 1953, Kate Woodworth and her husband J. A. Woodworth transferred to H. Glenn Garvin and his wife Glenda Garvin a plot of land described as "part of Euster", itself described in part in liber 825, folio 410. An adjacent tract described as having been sold to one Samuel Scrivener, Jr on March 9, 1953, is detailed in liber 1770, folio 546.

Also interesting information may be found in liber 2040, folio 232, a transfer of ownership to the Woodworths from one Alger (or Algar) Y. Barbee. Mentioned in this deed is also the property of one Annette Gillis (liber 698 folio 252), obtained by deed of May 12, 1938, from the estate of one John A. Moore, who died on or about September 24, 1929, evidently as part of a settlement of a District of Columbia case in Equity #50473. This deed gives good references to the land of John Rabbitt, to "Butt's old place", to James Ronnie (not "Rannie") and his land. Also this mentions liber 584, folio 133, part of the settlements transfers, which mentions liber 374 folio 186, the transfer to Moore from Rosa M and Lewis B. F. Greaves on May 20, 1925.

Included in this is the following description:

"It being the same land mentioned and descried in a deed of conveyance from Rosa M Graeves and Lewis B. F. Greaves, her husband, to John A. Moore, dated the 20th day of May, 1925, recorded among the Land Records of said Montgomery county in Liber No. 374, folio 186, and the same described in a deed of conveyance from Alexander Kilgour, Trustee, to Rosa M. Graeves, dated the 22nd day of January, 1900, recorded among said Land Records in Liber T. D. No 12, folio 473, and the same land described in a deed of conveyance from Augusta C. Flack to Albert E. Gill, dated the 14th day of May 1878, recorded among said Land Records in Liber E. B. P. No. 18, folio 343."

It's interesting to note that on various deeds subsequent to the Gill deed, the same description is given word for word. Also note that even in 1878, they referred to the "Butts old place" and also to "the late John Rabbitt".