Woodlands Rapist(s)

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Beware the WOODLANDS RAPIST(S). They attack women near wooded areas, generally in the vicinity of the Matthew Henson State Park Trail.

Additionally, in an attack of Saturday December 4, 2010, in nearby Claridge Park in "West Wheaton", a man answering the description of one of the Woodlands Rapist(s) attacked and threatened to kill a woman. The assailant is described as wearing all black, about 30 years of age, 5'6", medium complexion "Latino" with medium build.

Incident Reports and Suspect Descriptions

Please see a copy of an official Police Flyer with suspect images.

Aspen-hill-rapist-nov-2010.jpg Rapist-survphot1.jpgRapist-survphot2.jpg
WUSA News video and text report. WUSA News video"TBD" (WJLA/News Channel 8 Coverage (Brad Bell)

Investigan asaltos sexuales: En una misma área de Maryland, contra dos víctimas hispanas y una de origen afroamericano (El Tiempo Latino, 26 de noviembre de 2010)

See also "Community on edge after third sexual assault in five months in Aspen Hill: Man raped woman early Saturday morning in woods off Georgia Avenue", Nourmohammadi, Nesa, Montgomery Gazette, November 24, 2010 downloaded 2010 November 24). Nothing like a common disaster, or a serial rapist, to unite a community UP IN ARMS. Take your friends and walk the woods end to end and side to side. Everyone you encounter and process to the police goes through the Secure Communities system. It's all good.
Ahassault r061610w rgbb.jpg
Suspects wanted in connection with sexual assault early Sunday June 13 2010. Near intersection of Aspen Hill Road and Veirs Mill Road.


Incident of 2010 Oct 26

For an incident occurring approximately 11:00PM Tuesday October 26, 2010 -- where a woman was attacked from behind and forced down an embankment adjacent to the roadway, where she fought and drove off her attacker -- police arrested Roberto Cruz Gonzales, age 19, of the 4300 block of Federal Street in Aspen Hill. A warrant was issued on Tuesday June 21 2011 and executed on Thursday June 23 2011, subsequent to DNA analysis confirming a match between Gonzales's DNA and DNA taken from the crime-scene (Press Release. Montgomery County Crime Solvers. June 24, 2011).

AHNW 062411 Roberto Cruz Gonzales.JPG

Conviction and Sentencing

Roberto Cruz Gonzales pleaded guilty to a charge of First Degree Sexual Assault and to Attempted Rape on February 16, 2012. On October 11, 2012, he was sentenced to 25 years on the sexual assault charge, and to 15 years on the attempted rape charge, with the sentences to run consecutively ("Rockville man gets 40 years in jail for attempted rape in Aspen Hill". Arias, Jeremy. Montgomery Gazette. October 11, 2012, downloaded 2012 October 12).