Veirs Mill Road

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Veirs Mill Road (MD-586) is a major highway, and generally considered one of the boundaries of Aspen Hill, Maryland.

It is sometimes spelled "Viers Mill Road".


Veirs Mill Road runs generally from the northwest to the southeast.

In Aspen Hill, Veirs Mill Road leaves Rockville and runs southeast from the bridge across Rock Creek as a flat and straight four lane highway with two left turn lanes directing traffic onto Aspen Hill Road. At its intersection with Arbutus Street, it climbs a short hill, passing St Jude Catholic School, descending a bit past Robindale Drive, and then climbing sharply to the intersection with Parkland Drive/Gaynor Road and the site of the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department station. From there, Veirs Mill Road descends sharply to the bridge crossing the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek, leaving Aspen Hill, and climbing sharply to a hilltop intersection with Randolph Road. From there it continues on to Wheaton.

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Road Type

Veirs Mill Road is a Snow Emergency Route. It is a State Highway, MD-586.

Through Aspen Hill, Veirs Mill is a median divided highway with left-turn pullouts, and four travel lanes. At the intersection with Aspen Hill Road, major intersection improvements widen the road to two left-turn lanes and two travel lanes southbound, and two traffic lanes and two merging lanes northbound. Parking is prohibited. Most intersections are signal-controlled.


At the time of the Civil War, Veirs Mill Road had been built up to at least a route passable to cavalry. At the time, it was known as "the New Cut road" ("Civil War Defenses of Washington, Parts I and II", United States Department of the Interior - National Park Service - National Capital Region. downloaded 2009 December 5).

On July 11, 1864, some of General Jubal Early's troops marched from Rockville to Leesborough (now Wheaton), and then continued down the Washington and Brookeville Turnpike (now Georgia Avenue) towards Fort Stevens.