Vale Tract

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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The Vale Tract was a large tract of land in the westernmost part of Aspen Hill, Maryland.


The Vale Tract lay along the eastern bank of Rock Creek. It was bounded on the east by the Earle Tracts in Bradford's Rest. Part of it was in the Bradford's Rest tract, and part was in a more-westerly tract called Milly's Dislike.

Perhaps you would like to see MAP? The Vale Tract is at the far northwest corner of the map.

Deed Description

Liber CKW 2921, Folio 64

December 19, 1961. Transferring from Vale Properties Ltd to John E Baker and Charles A Camalier, Jr.

Bradford's Rest, Resurvey on Milly's Dislike.

1. Beginning for the same at an iron pipe on the south side of the Rockville-Norbeck Road (Maryland Route 28) as now laid out, said point being 49.28 feet from the beginning of the first line of a deed dated October 21, 1926 from James S Taliaferro et al to Julius M Sauber {Liber 412 folio 415} and running thence with the outlines of said conveyance and the remainder of the aforesaid first line South 11 degrees 46 minutes 55 seconds East 3343.12 feet to a pile of stones at an angle point in a fence, thence

2. Still with the outlines of said conveyance, South 33 degrees 14 minutes 20 seconds East 3088.14 feet to a pipe in a pile of stone, thence leaving the outlines of the aforesaid conveyance and with the lines of a conveyance from Nicholas M Howes to George H Earle Jr dated October 14, 1905 {Liber 184, folio 162} thence

3. North 88 degrees 9 minutes 20 seconds East 37.95 feet to a pile of stones, thence with the outlines of the Earle tract

4. South 1 degree 50 minutes 40 seconds East 829.5 feet to a Cedar stake in a pile of stones at the beginning of the 4th line of the first mentioned conveyance, thence with said 4th line

5. South 86 degrees 33 minutes 48 seconds West 1578.96 feet to a flint stone found, thence with the 5th line of the aforesid conveyance

6. North 20 degrees 16 minutes 33 seconds West 999.16 feet to a stone found, thence with the 6th line as resurveyed, the following two courses and distances

7. North 36 degrees 24 minutes 22 seconds West 1168.08 feet to a pipe found on the Easterly line of property previously conveyed to the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission

8. North 37 degrees 58 minutes 55 seconds West 2132.85 feet to a concrete monument found on the Easterly side of the aforesaid Park and Planning Commission property, thence with the 7th line of the aforesaid conveyance

9. North 19 degrees 57 minutes 57 seconds West 660 feet to an iron pipe set, thence with the 8th line of aforesaid conveyance

10. North 33 degrees 57 minutes 57 seconds West 798.69 feet to a pipe found on the Southeasterly side of the aforesaid Rockville-Norbeck Road (Maryloand Route 28) thence with the Southerly side of said road as now laid out, the following seven courses and distances

11. North 14 degrees 11 minutes 10 seconds East 104.93 feet thence

12. On the arc of a curve to the right having a radius of 1126.28 feet, an arc distance of 435.50 feet, Chord North 25 degrees 15 minutes 50 seconds East 432.81 feet, thence

13. North 36 degrees 20 minutes 30 seconds East 581.78 feet, thence

14. On the arc of a curve to the left having a radius of 879.92 feet, an arc distance of 74.61 feet, Chord North 33 degrees 54 minutes 45 seconds East, thence

15. North 31 degrees 29 minutes 0 seconds East 179.40 feet, thence

16. On the arc of a curve to the right having a radius of 608.42 feet, an arc distrance of 371.31 feet, Chord North 46 degrees 58 minutes 00 seconds East 365.57 feet, thence

17. North 66 degrees 27 minutes 0 seconds East 1302.02 feet to the place of beginning.

296.6316 acres of land. Same as described in {Liber 412, folio 419, October 21, 1926 transferring from Julius M Sauber to Ruby R Vale et al}. Subject to a right-of-way granted to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission by Ruby R Vale June 20, 1960 in Liber 2759, folio 686. Subject to a mortgage in the original amount of $800,000 as of Novenber 1961, without personal liability to the grantees.


James S Taliaferro et al, to Julius M Sauber. October 21, 1926, Liber 412, folio 415.

Vale Properties Ltd, to John E Baker and Charles A Camalier, Jr. December 20, 1961, Liber 2921, folio 64.