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Customer Service Problems

Customer service here has always been lousy. All encounters have left the impression that they don't want anyone's business, except perhaps for people who have always been their customers, or who have been specifically introduced. This is the sort of attitude that characterizes people who have something to hide. Inquiring minds want to know what.

August 2009

Recent encounters show new staffing on some shifts, and encounters with these people haven't resulted in me running screaming from assaultive assholes. In fact, it was almost a pleasant experience, quite a difference from the dreadful encounters of the previous two decades. Thanks a lot, Shell!


Openly Hostile Environment

In general, since at least 1995 or so, this filling station has been plagued with openly-hostile staff, especially inexplicable since it seems to be a family-owned business that only hires relatives.

Nobody is quite sure exactly what's wrong with these people, though they may have been influenced by the Convenience Store Mafia or other groups operating in the area.