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There is a certain level of ambiguity to the local crime problem. It's arguable that various retail establishments and restaurants believe (or more likely, have been told) that certain customers are trouble and that they should be on guard. In many cases this is true. Yet this particular Rite Aid is extremely close to entering the ranks of establishments sensibly characterized as being run by American-Hating Foreign Racists ("AHFR"). But in general, the ambiguity is the prevalent factor here.

Some staffers are not openly hostile, though as soon as they start to ring you up, someone who is definitely hostile will sidle up behind you the moment cash changes hands. Quite often these who sidle up behind you do seem to be AHFR, or perhaps merely racists. See also the periodic phenomenon of killer Rastas. There is an ongoing phenomenon where as I do business in this location and in other retail establishments in the area, some non-descript Central-American type runs up behind me and pokes me in the neck, a perfect example of AHFR assuming that all other foreigners are also AHFR and will look the other way, or join in the harassment.

There seems to be a widespread public sentiment among the AHFR that Aspen Hill is or should be off-limits to Americans, especially "white" Americans. The staff seems to agree; or they would take active measures against this clearly hostile population operating within their store as if it were tacitly agreed that staff will look the other way and not interfere (2009 Jan 16, 5:50PM, register 4, ticket #657514, black female 40s approaches from behind, pin-stab behind left ear as cashier watches and pretends nothing happened, while witness customers at photo stand clearly are disgusted at this backstabbery).

In other cases, one of the staff will walk past behind you well inside your personal space, and when you look to see who has entered your space, the cashier will very quickly poke you in the neck with something that is small, sharp, and hurts like hell. They generally tend to aim right behind the ear where the neck muscles attach to the base of the skull. In past experiences, this always leads to infection, so be sure to immediately sterilize the area with the disinfectant of your choice (2009 Jan 25, 11:52AM, register 3, transaction #807493, cashier #37889131; store manager crosses behind me as soon as cashier has taken money, I turn to look, he straight shots me in the back of neck below right ear, then he gives me back my change. Had I simply left at that point, a charge of Robbery could be filed).

Some staffers are pretty hostile but it's not easily discerned if they are hostile on the basis of racism, political or religious affiliation, misinformation passed to them by other hostile parties, or are just having a bad day.

In any case, a store that continues to be open yet seems to do its best to drive away paying customers is a store that needs to be regarded with the highest level of suspicion from both corporate management and law-enforcement.