Rannie Tracts

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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The Rannie Tracts were a collection of lands in the north central part of what is modern-day Aspen Hill, Maryland.


Deed References

Liber EBP 20, Folio 207

February 17, 1879. Transferring from George Ward ("of color") to James Rannie.

The Triangle.

1. Beginning at the beginning of said tract, and running with it, North 28 degrees East, 64 perches (1056 feet)

2. Then South 48.3 degrees West, 11 perches (181.5 feet) to a dogwood tree

3. South 65 degrees West, 23.8 perches (392.7 feet) to a stone

4. North 2 degrees East, 46.6 (769 feet) perches to the end of 39 perches on the second line of "the Triangle"

5. Then with said line North 43 degrees West, 1 perch (16.5 feet) to the end thereof,

6. Thence South 2 degrees West, 84.5 perches (1394.25 feet) to the place of the beginning.

3.5 acres, "more or less".

See also "parcel 2" in liber 2112 folio 376, Krupsaw to Perlmutter.

Liber EBP 27, folio 252

April 8, 1880, recorded October 16, 1882. Transferring from Thomas M Cassell and wife Josephine Cassell, John H Cassell, William A Cassell and wife C Estelle Cassell, to James Rannie. Stated to be part of the Cassell Tract (see Cassell Tract article for deed pedigree).

1. Beginning for at a stone planted on the north side of the New road running from the Brookeville and Washington Turnpike to Veirs Mill and running thence South 1-8/10th perches (29.7 feet) to the West line of Hermitage

2. Then with said line reversed East, 19.5 perches (321.75 feet) in the Southern edge of said road

3. Then leaving said line and running across the aforesaid conveyance North 10 degrees East 213.6 perches (3525 feet) to the end of 8.7 perches (143.55 feet) reversed on the 6th line of the aforementioned conveyance from John W Barthold and other to John Cassell and others

4. Then with said line North 75.75 degrees West, 8.7 perches (143.55 feet) to the end of said line

5. Still with said conveyance, South 24.25 degrees West, 232 perches (3828 feet)

6. Thence still East, 53 perches (874.5 feet) to the place of beginning.

Containing 50 acres of land.

Liber JA 27, Folio 29, "Lot 1"

May 20, 1891. Transferring from Isabella Rannie, and James Rannie and wife Mary W Rannie, to Mary C Cowell. Dower lot, or Lot No. 1.

Enster Rectified and Divided and Garter Lost.

1. Beginning at a stone planted on the 6th line of the aforesaid tract called "Garter Lost", it being the beginning of the aforesaid Conveyance from John Rabbitt and wife to James Rannie bearing date 7 January 1846 and also the end of the 17th line of "Bel-Pre", and running thence with said conveyance with 1.75 degrees allowance for variation, the four following courses and distances, to wit:

2. North 55.25 degrees West, 8.3 perches (137 feet)

3. Thence South 68.75 degrees West, 48 perches (792 feet) to the end of the South line of Garter Lost

4. South 3.75 degrees West 85 perches (1402.5 feet) to the end of the second line of the said land

5. South 72.5 degrees West 17 perches (280.5 feet) to the Washington and Brookevile Pike, then leaving the outlines of said conveyance and running thence still same course,

6. South 72.5 1 perch (16.5 feet)

7. Then running up and bounding in the said pike North 25 (poss 75?) and 3/4ths degrees West, 39 perches (643.5 feet)

8. North 3.5 degrees West, 50.5 perches (833 feet)

9. North 13.25 degrees East, 21.8 perches (360 feet) to a point in the center of said pike and on the 2nd line of the deed fro John L Beall to Samuel Allen

10. Then with the lines of said deed reversed with 3.25 degrees allowance for variation, and bounding in the Rockville Road, North 72.75 degrees East 65.5 perches (1081 feet)

11. South 59.25 degrees East 45 perches (743 feet) to the beginning of said deed,

12. Thence South 9.25 degrees West, 61 perches (1006.5) to the stone at the place of the beginning.

Containing 69 acres "more or less".

See also:

Liber 214 folio 298, Mary C Cowell to Harry M Martin

September 16, 1955. Liber 2112 folio 376, David and Bessie Krupsaw, and Simon and Mollye Krupsaw to Morris Perlmutter (also transfers a "Parcel 2" in "the Triangle".