Rabbitt Tracts

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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The Rabbitt Tracts were a set of large tracts of land in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

In the modern day, these lands are now the Gate of Heaven Cemetery and some surrounding lands.


Deed References

Liber PBR 320, Folio 321

Hermitage, Resurvey on Part of Hermitage, Bel-Pre. September 7, 1922, transferring from Edward Palmer Rabbitt and Lottie Rabbitt, to Frank L Hewitt.

1. Beginning for the same at the end of a 9th line of a conveyance {April 23, 1907, H W Talbott to Edward Palmer Rabbitt, liber 192, folio 497} and running thence with the 10th line of said conveyance South 78 degrees 30 minutes West 7.25 perches (120 feet)

2. Then South 9.25 perches (153 feet)

3. South 87 degrees 30 minutes West, 64 perches (1056 feet) {Note: this is the Beginning Stone of Garter Lost}

4. South 89 degrees 30 minutes West, 59.9 perches (988 feet)

5. South 3 degrees 30 minutes East 7.9 perches (130.3 feet) to a stone

6. South 57 degrees 15 minutes West, 7.8 perches (128.7 feet) to a black oak stump

7. South 77 degrees 45 minutes West, 10.25 perches (169 feet) to Watery Branch

8. Thence bounding in said branch same course South 77 degrees 45 minutes West, 12 perches (198 feet)

9. South 62 degrees West, 8 perches (132 feet)

10. South 47 degrees 45 minutes West 11.5 perches (190 feet)

11. South 34 degrees West 39.5 perches (652 feet) to the east side of the Washington and Brookeville Pike

12. Thence down the East side of said Pike South 55 degrees East, 26.5 perches (437.25 feet)

13. Then leaving said Pike, North 67 degrees 30 minutes East, 60 perches (990 feet) to a flint stone

14. North 83 degrees East 126.29 perches (2133 feet) to the end of the 11th line of a conveyance {April 25, 1907, transferring from Edward P Rabbitt to Isaac H Beall et al, liber 194, folio 5}

15. Then with said line reversed North 2 degrees West, 42.86 perches (707.2 feet) to a cherry tree

16. Then with the 10th line reversed North 21 degrees 45 minutes West, 10.4 perches (171.6 feet) to the beginning.

82.87 acres "more or less".

Liber CKW 701, Folio 176

Perhaps you'd like to see a Plat Map showing the location of the property.

Hermitage. May 25, 1938, from Coleman Brez Stein to Donald P Rabbitt.

1. Beginning for the same at the end of 386.85 feet on the fifth line of a conveyance {June 9, 1927, transferring from Lottie G Rabbitt (widow), to Benjamin Blethyn, liber 428 folio 189} and running thence with said 5th line North 50 degrees 13 minutes 30 seconds East 107.2 feet

2. Thence, leaving said line South 53 degrees 28 minutes 40 seconds East 120.76 feet

3. Thence South 37 degrees 6 minutes 30 seconds West 112.4 feet

4. Thence North 50 degrees 13 minutes 30 seconds West 145.25 feet to the place of the beginning.

Approximately 14443 square feet of land, with a 12-foot right-of-way leading from said lot to the Brookeville and Washington Turnpike.

In the modern day, this is a wooded lot behind 13615 Georgia Avenue.

Liber CKW 768, Folio 6

Hermitage. December 23, 1939. Transferring from Lottie Gill Rabbitt, widow, Janet Rannie Rabbitt Smith, Newton Homer Smith, her husband, Donald P Rabbitt, Margaret Asheton Rabbitt, his wife, Helen Chistiana {sic} Rabbitt Gooding, Earle Gooding, her husband, Catherine Lucille Rabbitt Smith and J Arthur Smith, her husbant, to Edwin C Powell and Grace S Powell.

1. Beginning for the same at an iron pipe at the beginning of a conveyance made April 23, 1907 by H W Talbott to Edward P Rabbitt {liber 192, folio 497} and running thence with part of the first line of said conveyance, bearings corrected, North 86 degrees 1 minute 50 seconds West, 196 feet to an iron pile in a small branch

2. Thence leaving said 1st line and with the center of said branch, South 18 degrees 26 minutes 10 seconds East, 80.42 feet

3. Still with said branch, South 2 degrees 41 minutes 40 seconds East, 104.02 feet

4. South 40 degrees 4 minutes 40 seconds West, 24.73 feet

5. South 58 degrees 24 minutes 40 secondsWest, 38.77 feet to intersect the North line of E C Powell's land

6. Thence with said land North 82 degrees 13 minutes East, 100.8 feet

7. Thence North 61 degrees 13 minutes East, 128.70 feet to an iron pipe, thence North 0 degrees 58 minutes East, 130.00 feet to the place of beginning.

Containing 0.72 acres of land, "More or less".

Liber CKW 925, Folio 418

Hermitage. December 7, 1943, transferring from Janet Raney Rabbitt Smith and Newton H Smith, her husband, Donald P Rabbitt and Margaret Elizabeth Rabbitt, his wife, Helen C Rabbitt Gooding and Earl Gooding, her husband, and Catherine L Rabbitt Smith and J Arthur Smith, her husband, to John F Buckley and Dorothy A Buckley.


From the preface of liber 768 at folio 6:

... Whereas a certain Edward P Rabbitt died on January 23, 1925, leaving a will duly admitted to probate and recorded among the Will Records of the County of Montgomery, State of Maryland, in Will Book PEW 2, folio 309, whereby he provided for payment of five thousand dollars to Lottie Gill Rabbitt, wis widow, and left the rest and residue of his estate to said Lottie Gill Rabbitt for life with remainder to his four children, namely: Janet Rannie Rabbitt, now Janet Rannie Rabbitt Smith; Donald P Rabbitt; Helen Christiana Rabbitt Gooding, and Catherine Lucille Rabbitt, now Catherine Lucille Rabbitt Smith, share and share alike as tenants in common, and hereas part of the aforesaid legacy of five thousand dollars to Lottie Gill Rabbitt has been paid. ...