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Oriental Street is a residential connecting street in the Aspen Hill Park subdivision of Aspen Hill, Maryland


Oriental Street has its south eastern terminus at Eades Street in the Aspen Hill Park subdivision. It runs uphill roughly north then turns west just before crossing Aspen Hill Road. From here it descends, crossing the northern terminus of Eades Street before crossing Arctic Avenue, Oriental Court, Bartlett Street, and Dowlais Drive. The north western terminus of Oriental Street is a dead-end stub just past Dowlais Drive. A trail connects this end of Oriental Street to the [Rock Creek Trail]. Neighborhood storm drains empty here and flow into Rock Creek.

A segment of Oriental Street between the northern end of Eades Street and Arctic Avenue was realigned to skirt the south west corner of the Davis Tract. This can be seen on plat No. 5894

The 1970 Aspen Hill Master Plan recommended continuing Oriental Street west from its terminus to cross Rock Creek and provide a connection to Viers Mill Road and Twinbrook Parkway The 1994 Aspen Hill Master Plan reversed this recommendation, using the justification that it would be better to direct all traffic across Rock Creek in the southern end of Aspen Hill via the bridge on Veirs Mill Road (Montgomery Planning Board, 1994, ""Aspen Hill Master Plan").

Road Type

Oriental Street is a "three lane residential street", with two parking lanes and one travel lane.

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