Old Marianna Drive

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"Old Marianna Drive" refers to the remnants of a road which runs parallel to Marianna Drive and slightly to the west of that existing street. It is best seen in the modern day running along the line dividing the private properties along Marianna Drive and the grounds of Brookhaven Elementary School.


Not much is known about this remnant road, other than clues contained in a property deed recorded in the Montgomery County Land Records in liber JLB 184 at folio 162.

That property deed describes (among other things) parts of a boundary between the "Hermitage" and "Bradford's Rest".

It also has the following passage:

"...to the West line of a tract of land called "Hermitage"; thence ... to the the public road leading to Veirs' Mill; then ... running North three and a half degrees West..." (about 30 feet) "...a corner of Cassell's land; then bounding on Cassell's land and running parallel with said line of "Hermitage" and one and eight tenths perches therefrom, so as to include a thirty foot road..."

As "Cassell's land" eventually wound up having one southwest corner now more or less the site of the Wheaton Woods Pool, it seems likely that "old Marianna Drive" is that described road.

To the west of that road lie the Earle Tracts in Bradford's Rest.