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The Aspen Hill Park neighborhood. Complete with summaries of the plat maps, timelines, names from deeds, and Google Maps.

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SUBDIVISIONS. Rather than feature an article, we've featured a "super-category". This supercategory is a collection of categories... the category of Subdivisions. Each subdivision category has Plat Maps for the subdivisions, some history, and in many cases each subdivision has one or more articles giving detail about both historical and modern-day Aspen Hill.

The Wheaton Woods neighborhood. We just did a bit of research on the history, and there are links to Plat maps which should be of assistance to the historian.

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General Characteristics of Aspen Hill, Maryland

Please see the Wikipedia entry for Aspen Hill, Maryland.

Please see our entry on General Characteristics of Aspen Hill, Maryland for MAPS and more detail.

Aspen Hill Maryland, is an aging suburb located north of Washington DC. It is about equally divided between Single Family Detached Residential houses and High Density Residential properties such as apartments or condominium units.

Renewal and Revitalization

Aspen Hill is becoming a Slumburbia. Current destabilization of the residential real-estate mortgage market is likely to accelerate this trend starting in early 2009. As of mid-2009, there are plans to begin infrastructure replacement and upgrades in the Wheaton Woods neighborhood south of Aspen Hill Road.


Significant repaving and road repair will occur along the entire length of Russett Road, starting on or about August 10, 2009.

Wheaton Woods Renewal

Perhaps you would like to read more about the Wheaton Woods Renewal project. There are links there to information about projects, and how to give your input and opinions.

Aspen Hill is located in Council District 4 of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Demographics and History

We have reorganized with a new section on Demography and History.

Please read our History of Aspen Hill, Maryland

This is by no means to be considered an exhaustive, definitive, or even complete informational resource.


We have a fairly well-developed -- but not complete -- new section on Neighborhoods. This will include subdivision and development history, etc.

Crime, Public Safety and Law-Enforcement

We have an entire new section on Public Safety, Crime, and Law-Enforcement.

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You may wish to Search Maryland Circuit Court records.

Perhaps you would also like to see the website of the Maryland division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. You can check the license/permit of contractors.


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We have a listing of the stores at Aspen Hill's Shopping Centers, and list of freestanding retailers, which includes our "big box" stores as well as some convenience and specialty stores such as gas stations. Feel free to leave your remarks and ratings of any of these businesses.

See also our listing of Vacant Retail Space.

We have a list of Office Buildings and their occupants, such as dentists or optometrists.

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