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Oakvale Street is a residential street and a connecting route in Aspen Hill, Maryland.


Oakvale Street has a western terminus in a court in the Bel Pre Woods subdivision. From there it rises to the east, to pass Gaines Avenue and then descends, crossing into the Aspen Knolls subdivision, passing Chadwick Lane and then entering the Wheaton Woods subdivision. It then crosses Parkland Drive, still descending, and then enters the English Manor subdivision and curves towards the south starting the southern terminus of Chelmsford Road, and then passes the western terminus of Blackpool Road. It crosses Heathfield Road at that road's lowest elevation, and continues due south to its eastern terminus at Southend Road.

Buried Stream

At points south and east of Chelmsford Road, Oakvale Street overlays a buried stream, one of the headwater branches of the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek. This is noted in several deeds dating back into the late 1800s as "a small branch". A point on this stream is a noted point of division between properties and the elder tracts of Bradford's Rest and Euster/Enster.

Road Type

For most of its length, Oakvale Street has one traffic lane and two parking lanes. The western terminus is a court. Parking is unrestricted on the entire street.

Road Conditions

As of November 2009, surface conditions on Oakvale Street east of Parkland Drive are deplorable. Significant potholing has resulted from a lack of maintenance combining with significant cut-through traffic, much of that traffic being work trucks in the 3/4-ton class, often hauling heavy loads and/or trailers.

Additional surface destruction results from Oakvale Street's history as a road laid atop a buried stream. The surrounding terrains drain onto Oakvale Street at all points east of Chadwick Lane, and during heavy rains the storm drains are not adequate to the task of drainage and significant storm flows travel down the street surface, exascerbating erosion, especially where potholes have penetrated to the base layers. It is very likely that sinkholes may form, if this has not already occurred.

Neighborhood Issues

Overcrowded Housing

At least one single-family detached residential home appears to have been rebuilt for the purpose and use of rental housing.

Parking Problems

Overcrowded housing where most occupants are young adults means that most of the occupants need parking for their vehicles.

This is the case at a variety of addresses on Oakvale Street.

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Homeowner and Property Information

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