Meadow Hall

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"Meadow Hall" was a large parcel of land, a very small part of which part of which is now called Aspen Hill, Maryland.


Meadow Hall lies mostly on the west bank of Rock Creek, and that part is technically in Rockville, Maryland. Yet some of it does lie on the east side of Rock Creek, entirely within the bounds of the Rock Creek Stream Park.

Perhaps you would like to see an image of the 1803 unpatented certificate? When examining the plat map on this image, bear in mind that Due North is to the right, not the top.

Meadow Hall has a bound which is an extension of the so-called "West line of Hermitage", with Hermitage being the very large tract of land to the east, in which much of Aspen Hill lies.

Deed References

1. Beginning at the end of the last line of a tract of land called Hermitage, running thence with the given line ("first line") of said tract South 23.75 degrees East 107 perches (1765.5 feet) to the 6th line of a tract of land called Bradford's Rest, then with said line reversed

2. South 11.25 degrees West 31 perches (511.5 feet) (to the beginning of said line, and with the same tract, reversed)

3. South 35 degrees West 24 perches (396 feet)

4. West 5.5 perches (90.7 feet) (to the 18th line of a tract called Prevention, then with the said line reversed)

5. North 48.75 degrees West 18.25 perches (301.12 feet) (to the beginning thereof)

6. South 73.25 degrees West 160 perches (2640 feet)

7. North 3.75 degrees West 160 perches (2640 feet) (to the end of 170 perches (2805 feet) on the 12th line of Prevention and then with the said tract)

8. North 58.25 degrees East 180 perches (2970 feet)

9. South 38.75 degrees East 92.5 perches (1526.2 feet) (to the aforementioned last line of Hermitage)

10 Thence with straight line to the place of the beginning.

Containing 214 and 3/8th acres of land. Resurveyed Nobvember 3, 1803 and called "Meadow Hall Corrected".

Remarks on the Deed References

It must be noted that the lines of "Bradford's Rest" described above refer to the original survey of May 13, 1728, rather than the amended "Bradford's Rest Diminished" of May 10, 1785. That 1785 resurvey found that much of the claim of the original Bradford's Rest survey in fact was "foul in Hermitage", trying to claim lands already claimed in an earlier patent. As the final bound (10th line) of Meadow Hall is the same as the West line of Hermitage, any references to the lines of Bradford's Rest actually refer to lines within Hermitage. Bounds to the north of the West line of Hermitage may initially be thought to be lines in Bradford's Rest, but it is more likely that they are western bounds of the tract Milly's Dislike.

Again, when reading the plat map from the archive image, North is to the right, not to the top, of the page.