King Sector Community Advisory Meetings

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The "King Sector Community Advisory Meetings" are an opportunity for local community members and commercial "stakeholders" to converse with representatives of the Montgomery County Department of Police.

Meetings are held roughly every other month.

King Sector

King Sector comprises the "K1" and "K2" patrol areas or "beats", and is a sector administered from the Department of Police's Field Service Bureau's Fourth District headquarters located in Glenmont.

General Purpose

The general purpose of the "King Sector meetings" is to have a two-way flow of information.

The meetings bring together fairly high-ranking representatives of the law-enforcement community who are authorized to provide certain information, and representatives of condominium associations and property-management firms who can voice their issues and concerns directly to high-ranking officials.


At present (2008 June 14), the meetings draw participants from the Department of Police, the Graffiti Abatement Partners ("GRAB"), and the community of commercial property managers. Most of the property managers are those who manage apartment or condominium properties. There are some retail property managers who attend as well, though it would be useful to have more in regular attendance.

Topics of Meetings

Crime Statistics and Trends Report

The meetings always have a brief presentation covering recent crimes in King Sector, especially those which seem to fit a pattern which suggests that greater community vigilance or involvement could be an effective countermeasure.

"Cross Organizational Reporting"

Most attendees are there as representative of organizations rather than as individuals. Some may represent, or participate in, several organizations. If any of these organizations has, or plans, activities or operations, they may report the results or the plans, or give progress reports if there is a project which is open-ended or ongoing.

School-Related Reporting

A small but significant amount of crime or disorder in Aspen Hill centers around the cycles of the school year or school day, and there is usually some discussion of this.