Hewitt Avenue

From Aspen Hill, Maryland, USA
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Hewitt Avenue is a connecting route in Aspen Hill. It is one of the few east-west routes, and also is one of the boundaries of Aspen Hill.


Hewitt Avenue's western terminus is at Georgia Avenue, where Georgia Avenue crosses the stream valley of the "eastern branch" of the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek. Hewitt Avenue then runs more or less east-northeast, climbing across a fairly high ridge which separates the Turkey Branch watershed from the watershed of Bel Pre Creek (part of the Northwest Branch watershed), and then descending to its eastern terminus at Rippling Brook Drive. Immediately across Rippling Brook Drive from the eastern terminus of Hewitt Avenue is the Bel Pre Elementary School.

The intersection with Georgia Avenue has been prone to flooding.

On the western slope of the ridge, Hewitt Avenue is characterized by High Density Residential development, while at ridgetop and points east, it is characterized by Single Family Detached Residential houses.

Road Type

For most of its length, Hewitt Avenue is a two-lane road with two parking lanes.