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Grenoble Drive is one of the longest streets in Aspen Hill, Maryland. It is a major connecting route in the Wheaton Woods neighborhood.


Grenoble Drive has a southern terminus at Turkey Branch Parkway. It winds, mostly northward, through the Wheaton Woods neighborhood.

Grenoble Drive rises from the flood plain of the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek at Turkey Branch Parkway, and travels northwest across Parkland Drive. From there, it continues to climb towards an intersection with Glasgow Drive and then onwards part the eastern termini of Iris Street and Iris Place, a very short block away from the ridge-line road Aspen Hill Road. After the intersection with Justice Road, it descends back to again intersect with Parkland Drive, one block south of the intersection of Parkland Drive and Aspen Hill Road.

Grenoble Drive is one of the boundary streets of the older parts of Wheaton Woods.

A stub of Grenoble Drive lies east of Parkland Drive, where it is a one-way street bound south from Aspen Hill Road and west to the intersection with Parkland Drive. At the intersection with Aspen Hill Road, it is effectively an extension of Frankfort Drive which runs north of Aspen Hill Road.

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