Georgia Avenue

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Georgia Avenue (MD-97) is a major arterial highway.


Originating as 7th Street, NW, in the District of Columbia, and terminating at the Mason-Dixon Line, Georgia Avenue is one of the major north-south routes in Maryland, and in Aspen Hill, Maryland. It has also been known as the Washington-Brookville Pike, as well as the Washington-Gettysburg Pike. It was an "Indian trail" and just to the north of Aspen Hill is a site near the intersection with the Inter-County Connector ("ICC") where the natives came for the abundant quartz.

We have a selection of right-of-way Plat MAPS from the mid-to-late 1960s. These show the outlines of both the original "Maryland Route 97" as it was before improvements, and the existing larger highway.


Georgia Avenue bisects Aspen Hill. From the south, Georgia Avenue enters Aspen Hill and crosses the Watery Branch of Rock Creek just north of Hewitt Avenue and runs roughly northwest. There are major intersections with Aspen Hill Road, Connecticut Avenue, and Bel Pre Road. It turns almost directly northward and runs past Leisure World towards the intersection with Norbeck Road (MD-28) and then on towards Olney, Maryland.

Circuit Route Component

Georgia Avenue is a component in several Circuit Routes.

Road Type

Georgia Avenue is a Snow Emergency Route. It is also a State Highway, MD-97.

Throughout Aspen Hill, Georgia Avenue is a median divided highway with left-turn pullouts and six traffic lanes. Some intersections also have right-turn pullouts and yield areas. All major intersections are signal controlled.