Gate of Heaven Cemetery

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Gate of Heaven Cemetery is a Catholic Cemetery in the Archdiocese of Washington.

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In the general time frame of the late 1880s to early 1920s, large tracts of land dominated the community, which at that time was known as "Aspen". One Edward Rabbitt owned some 350 acres at the site of the present-day Gate of Heaven Cemetery, as well as a 103-acre farm situated roughly at the present-day intersection of Georgia Avenue and Hewitt Avenue.

In the years following the Second World War, the Rabbitt lands were sold off, a parcel at a time, most of it being sold to the "New Mt Olivet Cemetery Corp, Inc".

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission records that the earliest burials took place in 1957.

Deed References

Garter Lost. March 24, 1948, transferring from Edward L Bucky (or Edward L Buckey) to the New Mt Olivet Cemetery Company, Inc, liber CKW 1145, folio 284.

Parcel 1

1. Beginning at a planted stone, it being the beginning of said tract "Garter Lost" and running thence with the first line of said tract West 184 perches (3036 feet) to the eastern edge of the Washington Turnpike Road

2. Then bounding on the eastern edge of said road

(a) North 46 degrees West 33 perches (544.5 feet)

(b) North 33 degrees West 19 perches (313.5 feet)

(c) North 13.5 degrees West 46.25 perches (763 feet) to the middle of the mouth of a lane

3. Then along the middle of said lane North 81.5 degrees East 64 perches (1056 feet) to a stone

4. Then North 61 degrees East 31 perches (511.5 feet) to a stone near a spring

5. North 83.5 degrees East 19.5 perches (321.75 feet) to an ash tree

6. North 40.5 degrees East 37.5 perches (622.9 feet) to a stone, it being a corner of a part "Garter Lost" conveyed to Catherine Rabbitt for 71 acres and also a corner of "Beall's Land"

7. Then with Beall's Land South 70.5 degrees East 39 perches (643.5 feet) to the given line of "Garter Lost"

8. Then with said line South 25 degrees East 139 perches (2293.5 feet) to the beginning.

Containing 130 acres of land, more or less.