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"Garter Lost" is the name of a tract of land frequently referred to in old Montgomery County Land Records which have to do with present-day Aspen Hill, Maryland.


Garter Lost is roughly the area north of "Hermitage" between Georgia Avenue and Layhill Road, south of the Beall Tracts which are also known as Bel Pre.

Tract Description

Garter Lost (image of original) . 200 acres. Patented December 7, 1743 to Basil Beckwith.

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1. Beginning at a bounded Poplar in the West line of Hermitage belonging to Thomas Butler near to small house of Captain James Edmunstons on the South side of a small Branch that falleth in on ye East side of ye Watry Branch of Rock Creek and turning thence West, 223 perches (3649.5 feet)

2. Then North, 117 perches (1930.5 feet)

3. Then north 28 degrees East, 64 perches (1056 feet)

4. Then North 43 degrees West, 40 perches (660 feet)

5. Then North 27 degrees East, 40 perches (660 feet)

6. Then South 57 degrees East, 157 perches (2590.5 feet)

7. Then by a straight line to the Beginning.

Containing of now Said out for 200 acres of Land to be held of Calverton Mannor... etc.

Deed References

In Liber EBP 22 folio 392 (Commissioners in Equity to Bealls, 1880) we see a reference to "a stone, the beginning of a tract of land called Garter Lost, it being at the end of the 13th line of Bel Pre..." This stone has been located.

Liber PBR 494, Folio 370

December 6, 1929, transferring from Edward L Buckey (single) to the New Mount Olivet Cemetery Company (Inc).

Parcel 1

1. Beginning for the same at a stone monument planted in the southern boundary line of the Rabbitt Farm at a point due west 1494.43 feet from a large stone heretofore planted at the beginning of a tract of land known as "Garter Lost"... and the southern boundary of the Rabbitt Farm, thence Due West 1540.93 feet to a copper plug in a large stone heretofore planted on the east side of the old Washington and Brookeville Turnpike,

2. Thence North 46 degrees West 544.5 feet

3. North 33 degrees West 313.5 feet

4. North 14 degrees, 1 minute 48 seconds West 794.51 feet to a stone monument at the southwest corner of a 3-acre lot as described in deed {of January 22, 1900, transferring from Alexander Kilgour to Rosa M Greaves, Liber TD 12, folio 473}

5. Thence leaving said Turnpike {...} thence North 81 degrees 4 minutes East 231.00 feet to a stone monument

6. North 14 degrees 11 minutes 13 seconds West 533.16 feet to a cedar post at the northeastern corner of the aforementioned Graeves 3-acre lot, said post being also at the most southern corner of a 3.5 acre lot {transferring from Mary C and Albert W Cowell to Harry M Martin. Liber 214, folio 298} with a stone monument planted South 14 degrees 11 minutes 13 seconds East 5 feet from said cedar post

7. Thence running with a portion of the Eastern line of the said 3.5-acre lot: North 28 degrees 16 minutes 22 seconds East 690 feet to a stone monument

8. Thence leaving the outlines of the whole tract and running so as to include 100 acres of land, the six following courses and distances: North 69 degrees 31 minutes 20 seconds East 422.53 feet to a stone monument

9. South 59 degrees 25 minutes 51 seconds East 981.53 feet to a stone monument

10. Due South 621.04 feet to a stone monument

11. South 45 degrees 42 minutes East 587 feet to a stone monument

12. South 12 degrees 16 minutes East 991 feet to a cross cut on top of a large boulder

13 Due South 221.62 feet to the beginning.

The same being a portion of the tracts and parcels of land that were conveyed by Hattersley W Talbott, Bessie May Oliver and James H Oliver, her husband, Trustee, to John Rabbitt, Charles Rabbitt, and Clayton Rabbitt by deed dated April 23, 1907 {Liber 194, folio 1}, and the same being also a portion of the tracts and parcels of land that were conveyed by Charles Rabbitt and others to Edward L Buckey {...} December 17, 1928, {Liber 474, folio 43}.

Liber CKW 1145, Folio 284

Parcel 1

"Garter Lost".

1. Beginning at a planted stone, it being the beginning of said tract "Garter Lost" and running thence with the first line of said tract West 184 perches (3036 feet) to the eastern edge of the Washington Turnpike Road

2. Then bounding on the eastern edge of said road

(a) North 46 degrees West 33 perches (544.5 feet)

(b) North 33 degrees West 19 perches (313.5 feet)

(c) North 13.5 degrees West 46.25 perches (763 feet) to the middle of the mouth of a lane

3. Then along the middle of said lane North 81.5 degrees East 64 perches (1056 feet) to a stone

4. Then North 61 degrees East 31 perches (511.5 feet) to a stone near a spring

5. North 83.5 degrees East 19.5 perches (321.75 feet) to an ash tree

6. North 40.5 degrees East 37.5 perches (622.9 feet) to a stone, it being a corner of a part "Garter Lost" conveyed to Catherine Rabbitt for 71 acres and also a corner of "Beall's Land"

7. Then with Beall's Land South 70.5 degrees East 39 perches (643.5 feet) to the given line of "Garter Lost"

8. Then with said line South 25 degrees East 139 perches (2293.5 feet) to the beginning.

Containing 130 acres of land, more or less.

Parcel 2

"Garter Lost".

1. Beginning for the same at a stone planted on the Eastern edge of the Brookeville and Washington road, it being the corner of a lot heretofore conveyed to Alexander Leadingham, and running thence, with the lines of the said lot,

(a) North 81.5 degrees East 14 perches to a stone

(b) North 14 degrees West 32 perches to a stone

2. Then North 27.5 degrees East 63 perches to the end of the 3rd line of said tract of land called "Garter Lost"

3. North 43 degrees West 40 perches

4. Then with a line of a tract heretofore conveyed to James Rannie North 67.5 East 48 perches to the sixth line of said tract of land called "Garter Lost";

5. Then with said line, South 57 degrees East 112 perches

6. Still with a line of "Beall's Land", South 30 degrees West 23.5 perches to a stone

7. Then with the division line made by John Rabbitt between two parts of said land called "Garter Lost", South 40.5 degrees West 37.75 perches to an ash tree

8. South 83.75 degrees West 19.5 perches to a stone near a spring;

9. South 61 degrees West 31 perches to a stone now planted in the middle of a lane,

10. Then along the middle of said lane, South 81.5 degrees West 64 perches to the Eastern edge of the turnpike road aforesaid

11. Then with said road, North 13.5 degrees West 0.75 perch to the beginning.

Containing 71 acres of land, "more or less", and the same land as of a deed of April 25, 1907, transferring from Hattersly W Talbott, Trustee, to John Rabbitt, Charles Rabbitt, and Clayton Rabbitt. Liber 194, folio 1.

Parcel 3

"Bel Pre".

1. Beginning for the same at a stone, the beginning of a tract of land called "Garter Lost" and running thence North 10 degrees East 101.7 perches to a pile of stones at the end of 23.5 perches on the ninth line of said tract

2. Then with the 26 line on "the Resurvey on Part of Hermitage", with 1 degree allowanve, South 29.5 degrees East 19.72 perches to a stake

3. Then parallel with the first line South 10 degrees West 87.97 perches to intersect the sixth line of Lot No.2, second part in the division of lands made by Phillander C Riley and others, Commissioners, in a cause in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, sitting as a Court of Equity wherein John W Beall and wife are complainants and Ann E Beall and others are Defendants (No. 275 Equity) and

4. Then with the said line South 84.5 West 17.64 perches to the place of the beginning.

Containing 10 acres of land "more or less", and the same land as of a deed of April 25, 1907, transferring from Edward Palmer Rabbitt and wife Lottie Rabbitt to John Rabbitt, Charles Rabbitt, and Clayton Rabbitt. Liber 192, folio 496.

All Parcels

"The above-described land includes that tract of land containing 100 acres heretofore conveyed by the part hereto of the first part to the party hereto of the second part by Deed dated December 6, 1929 and recorded in Liber 494, Folio 370, one of the Land Records of said County."


Basil Beckwith

"Garter Lost" may refer to a patent from December 7, 1743, to one Basil Beckwith. It seems likely, due to the references to a "...small branch, that falleth in on ye East side of ye Watry Branch of Rock Creek..." with said "small branch" likely being one of the headwaters of the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek.

"Beckwith, Dickson" (Auction notices),The Maryland Gazette, August 23, 1759:

By Virtue of a Fieri Facias to me directed, agreeable to an Act of Assembly of this Province, made at February Sessions, 1755, entituled, An Act directing the Commissioners of the Paper Currency Office, Speedily to call in the Interest due on Bonds, and other Securities, and all Monies due on Funds payable into said Office, there will be exposed to Public Sale, to the Highest Bidder, on Saturday the Ninth Day of September next, a Tract of Land called "Garter Lost", containing Two Hundred Acres, lying in Frederick County, on a Branch called the Watery Branch of Rock-Creek, about 12 Miles from Bladensburg, and about the same distance from George -Town, Rock-Creek; whereon is an exceeding good Framed Tobacco -House, 40 Feet by 22, a small Dwelling-House, with some small Out-Houses; taken in Execution as the Land and Tenement of Basil BECKWITH, for the Use of the Commissioners or Trustees for Emitting Bills of Credit, established by Act of Assembly. The Sale to be on the Premisses, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon. - James DICKSON, Sheriff of Frederick County.

Chancery, 1838

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
7627: Caroline Calvert, George Calvert, John H.
Calvert, Henrietta M. Calvert, Thomas A. Calvert,
and Marietta Calvert vs. George B. Calvert. MO.
Estate of Thomas Cramphin - Garter Lost, Watery
Branch, Hermitage.
Accession No: 17,898-7627. MSA S512-7630   1/38/3/
(Maryland State Archives, downloaded 2009 July 21)

In Deed References

"Garter Lost" frequently appears in deeds which also reference "Bel Pre", "Hermitage", and Bradford's Rest.

In liber LB 214 at folio 0298, we see reference to "Garter Lost" as well as "Euster Rectified and Divided". This deed also refers to liber JA 27 folio 29 etc. as well as referring to liber TD 17, folio 255. It also refers to a tract of land referred to as "the Triangle".

Other interesting references are found in liber 3455 folio 175, of January 3, 1966.