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Enster (also known as "Euster" in some indexes) is the name of a tract of land which is now a part of modern Aspen Hill, Maryland.


Enster lies to the north of a tract called "Hermitage", to the east and south of "Bradford's Rest", and to the west of "Garter Lost". Euster and "Garter Lost" may overlap a bit as their original surveys and tract "patents" or claims were a bit imprecise.

References from other Deeds

From liber 300, folio 488, we find that the 5th line of "Enster" is the same as the 2nd line of that present conveyance, and the same as the 6th line of "Garter Lost".


Enster (later often recorded as "Euster") lay on both sides of the present-day Georgia Avenue, mostly north of the present Connecticut Avenue and mostly south of the modern-day Bel Pre Road/Bonifant Road.

We have not yet determined the bounds in some places, though we know for certain that to the west of Georgia Avenue, part of Enster became the English Manor subdivision. To the east of Georgia Avenue, Enster has been built over into a variety of condominium and apartment complexes. In the southeast corner of the tract, we see a variety of land uses, mostly small stores.

Perhaps you would like to see some Plat MAPS. A certain series ([Cover],[Surveyor's Title],[Preamble, and Metes and Bounds],[Plat],[Land Office notes]) contains a patent from the 1770s, with a [plat map and the metes-and-bounds in table form].

Enster lies north of a tract of land called "the Hermitage". To the east, perhaps with some overlap, were "Garter Lost" on the southern side, and on the northern side was "Beall's Lands". Enster itself was once owned by a James Beall (1772 patent). To the north and west was the immense tract of "Bradford's Rest".

Deed References

Liber JLA 248, Folio 118

September 2, 1914, transferring from James L Pugh, Jr, and wife Bessie S Pugh, to Merton A English. Two parcels.

Parcel 1

1. Beginning at the end of the fourth line of a conveyance from John Rabbitt and wife to James Rannie, dated January seventh, 1846, it being on the East edge of the Washington and Brookevillle Turnpike, and running thence across said conveyance South 72.5 degrees East, one perch (16.5 feet) to a point in said pike

2. South 80.75 degrees West, 116.9 perches (1928.85 feet) to the 41st line of "Bradford's Rest", it being the end of the 29.3 perches (483.45 feet) on the 9th line of said conveyance (Rabbitt to Rannie), then

3. With said conveyance reversely with the lines of Bradford's Rest, with 3.5 degrees allowance for variation, North 7.75 degrees West, 42.7 perches (704.55 feet)

4. North 28.5 degrees East, 152 perches (2508 feet) to the second line of a deed form John L Beall to Sam Allen, then with part of said line reversed, with 3.5 degrees allowance

5. North 72.75 degrees East, 24.5 perches (404.25 feet) to the center of the aforesaid pike, then running down and bounding on said pike reversely with the lines of Lot No. 1 (the Dower lot)

6. South 13.75 degrees West, 21.8 perches (359.7 feet)

7. South o.75 degrees East, 50.5 perches (833.25 feet)

8. South 3.5 degrees East, 60 perches (990 feet)

9. South 25.75 degrees East, 39 perches (643.5 feet) to the end of the first line; then

10. reversely with the first line, North 72.5 degrees East, one perch to the Beginning.

Containing 78 acres of land "more or less".

(This describes the land that would become the English Manor subdivision.)

Parcel 2

1. Beginning at a point on the turnpike, it being at the end of one perch on a line drawn South 72.5 degrees West from the end of the fourth line of a conveyance made January 7, 1846, by J. W. Rabbitt and wife and running thense South 15.75 degrees East, 3.5 perches

2. South 79 degrees West, 2.4 perches to a bounded walnut tree standing on the West side of said road

3. Still same course, South 79 degrees West 115.75 perches to the 41st line of Bradford's Rest; then

4 North 7.75 degrees West, 7 perches to the end of 29.75 perches reversed on said line

5. North 80.75 degrees East, 116.9 perches to the Beginning. ' Containing 2.5 acres and 17 square perches of land "more or less".

Being the same land conveyed by Frank M Page and wife to James L Pugh (May 23, 1902, liber TD 22, folio228)

Liber TD 22, folio 226

May 23, 1902, transferring from Frank M Page and wife to James L Pugh, Jr.

In early records, we find such index entries as:

Beall, James; 1732; Euster or Enster; Prince George's; Certificate 225, Liber A.M.#1, folio 36; Patent 225, Liber P.L.#8, folio 677

Beall, James; 1754; Enster Rectified & Enster Divided; Frederick; Certificate 710, Liber BC&GS#5, folio 134; Patent m710, Liber BC&GS#7, folio 123

Beall, James; 1772; Resurvey on Enster Rectified & Divided; Frederick; Certificate 416, Liber BC&GS#47; Patent 416, Liber BC&GS#43, folio 451 (MSA stagser s1426 10/05/99 dfh/heh downloaded June 2009 from [1])

The bounds between Euster/Enster and neighboring tracts are in some cases difficult to determine.

In the Montgomery County Land Records liber CKW 2112 at folio 376, dated September 16, 1955, we find the following entry:

"... PARCEL No. 1: Part of a tract of land called "Euster Rectified and Divided", described as part of a tract of land called "Garter Lost", described as follows:

BEGINNING at a stone planted on the 6th line of the afresaid tract called "Garter Lost", is being the beginning of a conveyance from John Rebbitt, et ux, to James Rannie, dated January 7, 1846, and also the end of the 17th line of a tract called "Bel Pre"..."

Comparable descriptions are found in liber LB 214 at folio 0298, which also refers to "Garter Lost" and "Euster Rectified and Divided", and also refers to liber JA 27 folio 29 etc. as well as referring to liber TD 17, folio 255. It also refers to a tract of land referred to as "the Triangle".

Other interesting references are found in liber 3455 folio 175, of January 3, 1966.

Notes, Unsorted

Also very interesting: Liber CKW 1144, folio 284, of March 24, 1948, transferring from Edward L Bucky (aka Edward L Buckney) to the New Mt Olivet Cemetery Company. Gives some detail of "Garter Lost", "Bel Pre", "Beall's Land". Also refers to Liber 194, folio 1, of April 25, 1907, transferring from Hattersly W Talbott (trustee from Equity 2271) to John Rabbitt, Charles Rabbitt and Clayton Rabbitt. Also refers to Liber 192, folio 496, of April 25, 1907, transferring from Mr Edward Palmer Rabbitt and Mrs Lottie Rabbitt to John Rabbitt, Charles Rabbitt and Clayton Rabbitt. Also refers to Liber 494, folio 370, of December 6, 1929, transferring from Edward L Buckey (note spelling) to the New Mount Olivet Cemetery Company about 100 acres of lands, with many references to surrounding lands.

"Garter Lost" appears to mostly now be the Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

You may wish to examine some Plat maps.