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A Concordance of Deeds simplifies determining bounds or markers referenced by other deeds. Frequently, these are marked with stones or concrete monuments.


Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike will be guided by the words in Deuteronomy 27:17 (New International Version)

17 "Cursed is the man who moves his neighbor's boundary stone."
    Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"

We may walk past them, but we may not move them.

Stones In the Lines of "Garter Lost"

Perhaps you would like to see a MAP of the bounds of Garter Lost? In the map, the Beginning Stone is at the southeast corner.

Stones in the lines of Garter Lost, or within Garter Lost:

"Garter Lost" Beginning Stone

In Montgomery County Land Records liber JLB 192 folio 496 (Rabbitt to Rabbitt, April 25, 1907) we see reference to "...a stone, the beginning of a tract of land called 'Garter Lost'...". This stone figures in other deeds as well, especially in deed dealing with the Rabbitt Tracts.

It is mentioned also as being at the end of the 13th line of "Bel Pre".

This may be the stone referred to in the southwest corner of Plat 9044 which mentions "existing stone" in approximately the proper location, at a bound between the property of Gate of Heaven Cemetery and the Strathmore at Bel Pre subdivision, Section 7.


(LARGE full size image)

This stone is currently located in a position which is probably slightly moved from the original.

"Butt, Rabbitt, Rannie Corner Stones"

In Liber EBP 18, folio 343 (Flack to Gill, May 14, 1878) we see reference to "...a heap of stone it being a corner of the late John Rabbitt's land, and also a corner of Butt's old place, and also a corner of James Rannie's Land...". In the present day, this is located at the junction of the PEPCO vacant lot, the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service property, and the CS Faller and Company lot (currently occupied by K-Mart).

This is the location of the end of the 2nd line of "Garter Lost", and on the boundary between Garter Lost and Euster/Enster.

End of Fourth Line Stone


(LARGE full size image)

This stone lies in the corner of a lot of an apartment complex on Grand Pre Road. It is almost hidden under a dumpster and behind a shed on a fence line. It is probably in its original place, and the end of the fourth line of Garter Lost, and at the beginning of the fifth line.

Grand Pre Road Corner Stone

In Liber PBR 300, folio 488 (Bready to Mackintosh), we see reference to " the 6th line of 'Garter Lost', then with said line reversed, with said allowance, North 59.5 degrees West, 105 perches (1732.5 feet) to a stone...". That should probably be "the end of the 5th line of "Garter Lost", or perhaps "beginning of the 6th line". Yet this is a corner of a Beall Tract, and a corner of the much larger Bel Pre Tract.


(LARGE full size image)

This stone may have been moved slightly from its original location. On July 27, 2009, it was about 10 feet from where it might be expected to be.

Stones in the lines of Bradford's Rest

Stones in the lines of Bradford's Rest, or notable stones within Bradford's Rest:

Wheaton Woods Pool Stone

In 188/350 (Carter to Earle, May 11, 1906) we see reference to the southwest corner of the modern-day Wheaton Woods Pool property. The reference it to a stone "planted in the West line of Hermitage" at the end of the 2nd line of a deed from Edward Harding, Sr to Erasmus Perry {December 17, 1827, liber BS 1 folio 393}, and at the end of the 2nd line of a conveyance from Josiah Harding and wife to Lewis Greaves {March 26, 1853, liber JGH 2 folio 226}.

This stone also is the southwest corner in the Cassell Tract (end of the fifth line).

This stone is also at the end of the fifth line of the Earle Tract I (Bradford's Rest) deed 184/162.

This stone is also at the beginning of the first line of Earle Tract II (Hermitage), deed 188/350, May 11, 1906, Mary A Carter to George H Earle, Jr.

St John's Lutheran Church Stone

Note that the "stone" mentioned in 1058/94 (December 20, 1946, Fulton Russell Gruver and wife Mildred G Gruver and Helen Gruver Kline and husband Robert E Kline Jr to Nathan Goodman) as the beginning of the first line is prominent in several other deeds of tracts in the area. In the modern day, this is the northermost corner of the property of the St John's Lutheran Church. This is the same place referenced in 2036/553 at the beginning of the sixth line. It is also described in 1058/94 as "a stone set at the end of the first line of a conveyance {188/350, Carter to Earle}", end of the 8th line {Gruver to Doyle}.


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Oriental Street Stones

East of Arctic Avenue, East of Wooded Tract

The stone mentioned at the end of the first line in 1058/94 is on Oriental Street east of Arctic Avenue and east of the undeveloped wooded tract.

The stone mentioned in 1058/94 second line destination is described as also being the "end of the sixth line of a conveyance from James PB Veirs to George H Earle Jr for 226 acres of land".

East of Arctic Avenue, West of Wooded Tract

Another stone "...marked 'B'..." is mentioned in a few deeds, notably Carter to Earle.

Arctic Park

A commonly-mentioned stone is located in the Arctic Park on Arctic Avenue, at the bottom of a steep hill.


(LARGE full size image)

This stone may not be the original stone, but it is the marker stone closest to the surveyed location.

You may see the location of this stone in the northeast corner of this plat map, plat 5602

In the Arctic Park, we can also find many discarded concrete monuments of a type which were very commonly used in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


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Monuments, Pipes, and Stakes

Cassell Tract Divided Southern Stake

When the Cassell Tract was first subdivided along a north-south line, a stake was driven into the ground and used as a boundary marker. It may be found a few feet uphill from the sidewalk on the northern side of Aspen Hill Road aligned with the fence line between the eastern bound of the property of the Aspen Hill Library and the western lot lines of the yards on the west side of Parkland Drive.



Beginning of Third line, liber 182, folio 246, June 9, 1905, transferring from William G Eimer to Christian G Hurlebaus.

Reference point for locating the Beginning point for Parcel 1, liber CKW 1060 folio 131, November 19, 1946, transferring from Ruth Doyle Shipley to Gertrude Allison Doyle.

Reference point for locating the Beginning point for Parcel 3, and end of First line of Parcel 4, CKW 1104 folio 91 et seq, September 18, 1947, transferring from Gertrude A Doyle to Betty Jane Gawler.



1058/94 is a gold mine of references to nearby properties if not necessarily a good reference to other deed libers/folios.