Convenience Store Mafia

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The so-called "convenience store mafia" comprises a diverse group of foreign-born persons, who quite frequently have somehow managed to gain citizenship. Sadly, it unfortunately also comprises many American-born property and store managers who ought to know better than to be co-opted by foreign intelligence agencies, but who would rather make a buck catering to offshore spies than support their own nationals and their own community.

It's necessary to mention that there are comparable outfits which appear to be primarily of American, and even local, origins. They share many of the operation techniques of the Convenience Store Mafia, and the two groups may share information, membership, and to some degree communications networks. Yet the "local" "Soup Nazi" criminal stalking community seems to focus on specific individuals for reasons which are not clearly understood. Yet as they are aware of the Convenience Store Mafia, they may be feeding targeting information to the CSM. And perhaps the CSM feeds information to the "local" criminal stalking community.

Unfortunately, many of the foreign-national intelligence community have managed to secure US citizenship, and seem to have acquired the idea that citizenship makes them immune to prosecution for criminal acts. As part of the Immigration Reform Act of 1996, any non-citizen convicted of any crime of violence against a citizen is automatically subject to summary deportation at the conclusion of their sentence. The police have been extremely reluctant to forward for prosecution any acts of violent crime by foreigners against citizens. It seems to be official policy, therefor, that foreigners are immune to prosecution for violent acts. Legally, this is not the case. Yet County policy seems to prefer to allow citizens to be victimized rather than have foreign criminals removed.

This has enabled the growth of the "convenience store mafia". They share information with each other about various Americans that they consider to be unfriendly to them -- or tired of victimization in one establishment -- with each other. The result of this? No matter where you shop, you get victimized. This completely undercuts the essential feedback mechanism underlying the relationship between customer and vendor, that the customer goes where he gets the best deal or the best service.

Among other things, they share information about what techniques of victimization work, and in particular they share information about the best stories to tell investigators responding to customer complaints. In police lingo, "they get their stories straight and they stick to it". The local police either can't seem to notice this, or are under orders to ignore it.

The local police, for example, seem to be entirely unaware that in many countries, criminal acts are frequently followed by complaints to police by the criminals, accusing the victims. As official County policy seems to be mostly organized around the policy of "blame the victim", this tends to have a few very predictable consequences.

First, citizens lose all faith in law enforcement. The commonly used phrase is "you can call the cops all you want, they never do anything". Actually, they frequently do actually do something; they listen to the complaints of the criminals against the victims, and generally pass around the information among themselves to ignore subsequent complaints.

Secondly, citizens who learned through repetition to not waste their time relying on police often seek to organize "self-defense organization" under the theory that if anything is going to happen, it's the citizens who need to do it.

Sadly, the "convenience store mafia" expects this; frequently this sort of activity is why they aren't welcome in their own countries and are living here rather than at home. Disgruntled customers who seek to organize with other disgruntled customers are generally tracked by the operatives of the "convenience store mafia", which some believe works closely with organizations such as CASA de Maryland. CASA has a very lengthy track record of organizing protests and harassment campaigns against anyone it believes to oppose its mission of diverting taxpayer funds to programs supporting illegal aliens. It's arguable who has learned more from the other, CASA or the "convenience store mafia".

Over the roughly 15 years that the police have protested blissful ignorance of a pervasive and criminal network that has effectively taken over "law enforcement" while enforcing non-laws which aren't on any books and operating militias and intelligence networks and operations in the shadow of the Nation's Capital, these networks have grown accustomed to absolute impunity and have become quite open in their hatred of Americans, particularly of white Americans who don't seem wealthy and powerful.

Traditional American approaches such as seeking conversation, understanding, and mediation will all fail in the face of the relentless racism and anti-American hatred that allows the negotiating party to smile and lie while declaring their innocence and friendship for people they intend to destroy. The terrorists are not merely winning, they have won the affections of the police and local government officials.