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Connecticut Avenue (MD-185) is a major arterial highway. It is also a Snow Emergency Route.


Originating just north of the White House just west of 16th Street NW in the District of Columbia, Connecticut Avenue runs generally northwest to its terminus in Aspen Hill.

It enters Aspen Hill as it crosses the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek and Matthew Henson State Park via the infamous "cloverleaf to nowhere". At Independence Street it turns almost due north and passes the Aspen Hill Shopping Center and then Northgate Plaza Shopping Center. It crosses Georgia Avenue and continues past Gate of Heaven Cemetery and North Gate Park and through an intersection with Bel Pre Road and then terminates in the gated community of Leisure World.

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Road Type

For most of its route through Aspen Hill, Connecticut Avenue is a six-lane highway with a broad median and left-turn pullouts. East of the major intersection with Georgia Avenue, to the intersection with Grand Pre Road, Connecticut Avenue is a five-lane road with a center "suicide left" left turn lane. To the north of the intersection with Grand Pre Road, Connecticut Avenue has "traffic calming" features such as curb "bump outs" and "pedestrian sanctuary islands", and is effectively a four lane road with two travel lanes and two turning lanes.

At the major intersection with Georgia Avenue, Connecticut Avenue northeast-bound has three left turns lanes carrying traffic onto northbound Georgia Avenue, and one through-only traffic lane with the rightmost lane carrying either through traffic or right-turning traffic.

Southwest-bound Connecticut Avenue has two left turn lanes to carry traffic onto southbound Georgia Avenue, one left-or-through traffic lane, one through-only lane, and the rightmost lane carries both through traffic or right-turn traffic. To the west of Georgia Avenue, two lanes of traffic merge from southbound Georgia Avenue onto southwest-bound Connecticut Avenue via a freeway-style traffic ramp. At this problematic merge point three lanes of traffic on Connecticut Avenue must merge into four lanes, with the fourth and rightmost lane becoming a right-turn-only lane entering the access road for Home Depot.

Circuit Route Component

Connecticut Avenue is a component in several Circuit Routes.


For many years Connecticut Avenue was non contiguous and incomplete through the Aspen Hill area. Some further information on this may be found here Connecticut Avenue Completion