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Chelmsford Road is a residential street in the English Manor subdivision of Aspen Hill, Maryland.


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Chelmsford Road has a southern terminus at Oakvale Street. From there it rises gently to the northwest along the valley of a buried stream to pass Canterbury Lane, and then veers in a more easterly direction, still rising past Dennington Place, turning almost due east to its terminus at London Lane.

Elder Road Route

Chelmsford Road in the south and Dennington Place in the north more-or-less follow the route of a right-of-way extending from the Beall tract known as Bel Pre, the main body of which lay to the east of Georgia Avenue.

Buried Stream

For much of its length, Chelmsford Road overlays a buried stream, one of the headwater branches of the Turkey Branch of Rock Creek, which stream continues south beneath portions of Oakvale Street. This is noted in several deeds dating back into the late 1800s as "a small branch". A point on this stream is a noted point of division between properties and the elder tracts of Bradford's Rest and Euster/Enster.

Road Type

For most of its length, Oakvale Street has one traffic lane and two parking lanes. Parking is unrestricted on the entire street.

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