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English Manor is the legal description of a subdivision that lies within the English Manor neighborhood.


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The English Manor subdivision lies mostly within the elder tract called "Euster" or "Enster".

English Manor subdivision includes Heathfield Road east of Heathfield Court and Heathfield Court itself; Oakvale Street east and south of Chelmsford Road; all of Blackpool Road, Canterbury Lane, Dennington Place, London Lane and London Terrace, Southend Road.

Also included, though located in Bradford's Rest rather than in Euster/Enster, is most of Chadwick Lane, almost all of Chesterfield Road south of Bel Pre Road/Bonifant Road, all of Clayton Street, and a stub of Merton Road which is one of only a few routes westward into the Bel Pre Woods subdivision.


Deed References

Liber JLB 246, Folio 118 et seq

September 2, 1914, transferred from Mr James L & Mrs Bessie S Pugh to Merton A English.

Parcel 1

Enster Rectified and Divided. Also refers to bounds on lands, January 7, 1846, from John Rabbit and wife to James Rannie. Also refers to bounds on lands, from John L Beall to Sam Allen. Also refers to bounds on Bradford's Rest. Also refers to bounds on Brookeville-Washington Turnpike.

Parcel 2

Also refers to bounds on lands, January 7, 1846, from J W Rabbitt. States it is the same land deeded at Liber TD 22, folio 228, of May 23, 1902, transferred from Frank M Page and wife to James L Pugh Jr. That deed claims it to be the same land deeded at Liber JA 33 folio 309, of May 23, 1892, transferred from Martin L Main and wife to Frank M Page. That deed also refers to Liber JA 15, folio 30, of July 15, 1889, transferring from Mary E Ray (attorney for John Rannie and his wife Andrea A Rannie) to Martin L Main; also to Liber EBP 32 folio 294, of June 13, 1884, transferring from William Grady et ux Commissioners, to John Rannie. Also refers to Liber JA 9 folio 186, of February 3, 1880, transferring from Annie Gill et al to John Rannie.

Liber CKW 2312, Folio 239 et seq

February 19, 1957, transferred from the trustees of Ida Gudelsky et al to Sidney Naham.

Effectively the same lands and description as above. Also refers to Liber 2236 folio 221, of June 28, 1956, and to a mortgage at Liber 2043 folio 392. These refer to Liber 2113 folio 282, of September 1, 1955, transferring from Arnold J McKee et al to Isadore Gudelsky et al. McKee is shown on that deed as having obtained this land from Manor Club Properties, Inc by deed of November 5, 1954, but no liber or folio references are given. This deed from McKee to Gudelski says it is the same land transferred from Page to Pugh at Liber TD 22 folio 228.

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