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Harmony Hills is a neighborhood in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

Harmony Hills is also the name of a subdivision. It is characterized by Single Family Detached Residential houses generally built around 1957. Much more detail about the subdivision, including subdivision plat maps, will be found in subdivision category article.

Harmony Hills is also a short name for Harmony Hills Elementary School.


Harmony Hills lies west of Georgia Avenue, south of Aspen Hill Road, north of Matthew Henson State Park, and east of Connecticut Avenue and the Aspen Hill Shopping Center.

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Harmony Hills Local Park

Harmony Hills Local Park is a 3.3 acre undeveloped park that adjoins Harmony Hills Elementary School. It is administered and maintained by the MNCPPC.

Matthew Henson State Park and Hiker-Biker Trail

The southeastern side of the neighborhood is bounded, in part, by the Matthew Henson State Park. The Matthew Henson Hiker-Biker Trail has connections from the southern part of the Wheaton Woods neighborhood to points north and east, such as the Harmony Hills neighborhood, the Hewitt Avenue neighborhood, and communities in and around Layhill, Maryland.


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