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The Cassell Tract was a part of the Bradford's Rest tract.


The Cassell Tract, in 1866, had a northwest corner near the present-day intersection of Chadwick Lane and Chesterfield Road, and a northeast corner a bit north of the present-day intersection of Oakvale Street and Chelmsford Road.

The southeast corner of the Cassell Tract also the southeast corner of the much larger Bradford's Rest tract, and it is located in a parking lot of 4110 Aspen Hill Road.

The southwest corner is the southwest corner of the lot of the Wheaton Woods Pool.

It seems that the eastern bounds described in 3(a,b,c) are approximately the fence line between the homes on the eastern side of Landgreen Street and the large lot belonging to Home Depot.

Perhaps you would like to see a MAP as of 1866?

See also the Bauer Tract, a 1905 sub-set of the Cassell tract.

To the east was Parcel 2 of the Gill Tract.

Deed Description

From Montgomery Land Records (1866) EBP 3 / folio 56:

1. Beginning, for the same, at a stone planted on the north side of the new road running from the Brookeville & Washington Turnpike to Veirs' Mill, and running thence, South, 1 and 8/10 perches to the West line of a tract of land called Hermitage;

2. Then with the said line, reversed, East, 146 and 6/10 perches (2418.9 feet) to the 42nd line of Bradford's Rest, then

3. Bounding, reversely, with said tract, with 2 and 1/4 degree allowance, the three lines following

(a) North 27 and 3/4 West, 99.3 perches (1638.4 feet)

(b) North 9 degrees West, 72 perches (1188 feet)

(c) North 27 and 1/4 East, 41 perches (676.5 feet) to a stake and stones;

4. Then, running N 75 and 3/4 W, 69 perches (1138.5 feet) to a stone, then

5. South 24 and 1/4 West, 232 perches (3828 feet) to a stone, then

6. East 53 perches (874.5 feet) to the beginning.

149 and 3/8ths acre "more or less".


See references in Liber EBP 3 folio 56, see also TD2 / 474 Referred to in PBR 464 / 488-489

April 8, 1882, Liber EBP 27, folio 252. 50 acres of land are sold to James Rannie, becoming another of the "Rannie Tracts". A complete discription of the bounds is found under the Rannie Tracts article.

May 31, 1895, Liber JA 49, folio 201. A legal action (#1116 Equity) by Clara V Cassell, complainant v. Thomas M Cassell and others, passes land into the hands of appointed trustees Frank T Browning and J Alby Henderson. The land is obtained for $2001.00 Daniel G R Assheton.

May 14, 1904, Liber JLB 178, folio 71, transferring from Daniel G R Assheton and Mrs Elizabeth E Assheton to William C Dwyer. Also refers to Liber EBP 3, folio 86, of february 6, 1866, transferring from John H Bartholf and Mrs Emma C Bartholf and Hugh Caperton to John Cassell, William Cassell and Thomas W Cassell. Excepting and also with reference to Liber EBP 27, folio 252, of April 8, 1880, transferring from Thomas W Cassell and others to James Rannie of some 50 acres. Excepting and also with reference to Liber TD 2, folio 474 et seq, of October 20, 1897, transferring from Mr & Mrs Assheton to William C Dwyer of some 1.83 acres of land. Excepting and also with reference to Liber TD 19, folio 183 et seq, of December 13, 1901, transferring from Mr & Mrs Assheton to Karl Birkle of some 50 acres of land.

January 28, 1947, Liber 1060, Folio 131, transferring from Ruth Doyle Shipley to Gertrude Allison Doyle. Describes two parcels, the remnants of the Cassell Tract east of the Bauer Tract. This is one of the "Doyle Tracts" which were sold in September 1947 to Elias Gelman et ux and were developed as the Wheaton Woods subdivision in the mid to late 1950s.