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Aspen Schoolhouse was a one-room public school house located in Aspen Hill, Maryland.


The schoolhouse no longer stands, and its exact location is not certain. The bounds of the schoolyard are known, however, and in the present day the schoolyard is seen as a part of the lot of the Saint Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church.

Please see the talk page for this article for discussion regarding the exact location, and please see plot bounds images on the Saint Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church talk page. The schoolyard lot was in the northwest quarter of the churchyard.


Deed History

Liber EBP 18, Folio 436

September 16, 1878. Washington Bowie and wife Nettie S Bowie transferring to School Commissioners of Montgomery County.

1. Beginning on the north edge of the County road leading from the Brookeville and Washington Turnpike to Veirs Mill, at the end of the dividing line between the lands of said Washington Bowie and James Rannie, and running thence, with said dividing line. South 24.25 degrees West 9.44 perches (166.76 feet), then

2. South 66 degrees East 8.16 perches (134.64 feet)

3. North 19 degrees East 12.6 perches (207.9 feet)

4. North 89 degrees West 8.2 perches (135.3 feet) to the beginning.

Containing 89 square perches "more or less".

Stipulated to revert to Washington Bowie, or heirs and assigns, should the School Board no longer need it.

Note: The County road referenced in item 1 is what is now Aspen Hill Road (history entry); and the Brookeville and Washington Turnpike is what we now call Georgia Avenue.

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