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Please see the website of the Montgomery County Government for the Aspen Hill Public Library.

Please learn more about the Friends of the Library. You may find more information about their Aspen Hill chapter.


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Aspen Hill Public Library
4407 Aspen Hill Road
Rockville, MD 20853
240 773 9410

The Aspen Hill Library is on the north side of Aspen Hill Road, just west of the intersection with Parkland Drive, near the heart of Aspen Hill, Maryland.


Monday     10:00AM -- 8:30PM
Tuesday    10:00AM -- 8:30PM
Wednesday   9:00AM -- 8:30PM
Thursday    9:00AM -- 5:00PM
Friday     10:00AM -- 5:00PM
Saturday    9:00AM -- 5:00PM



Built in 1967, the library was designed by one John H Sullivan of Rockville.

The building is a two-story, dual wing and central core type.

Several enlargements and retrofits of the building have occurred since the original construction, notably the addition of a service elevator and comparable modifications to comply with the accessibility provisions of the federal Americans With Disabilities Act. Other improvements have included ongoing upgrades in information technology, and adoption of new media types and equipment to access those media.

The basement area is available for public meetings, by arrangement with the County.

Water Problems

Due to the location of the building, there is an ongoing problem in the basement floor, with both ground seepage and stormwater pooling outside the building. The building is commonly believed to have been built atop a spring. It is certain that this part of Aspen Hill was working farmland and well known for the abundance of small runs, brooks, streams, and springs.