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Aspen Hill Local Park is a large park in southwestern Aspen Hill, Maryland.

It is characterized by large athletic fields surrounded by dense second-growth forest which are also part of the park.

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Aspen Hill Local Park
5013 Baltic Avenue
Aspen Hill, MD 20853
Fax: 301-946-2516

Emergency Park POLICE:     301-949-3010
Non-emergency Park Police: 301-949-8010

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Aspen Hill Local Park has a parking lot with capacity for about 50 vehicles, a public water fountain, and a public portable chemical toilet during the warm seasons.

The parking lot connects to the Rock Creek Hiker Biker Trail.



Hiker Biker Trail Construction

As of 2008 December 15, construction has started on the "Alternative 5" Hiker Biker Trail (layout map image) and bridge across Veirs Mill Road.

Construction is Rock Creek Hiker Biker Trail now complete.

Summer Drunks Gather and Homeless Camps Problem

As of the closing week in August 2008, increased police patrols in this park will likely deter public drinking and carrying-on.

As of mid-August 2008, after 7:00PM or so, while legitimate users play soccer on the fields, the area at the lower parking lot off of Baltic Avenue near the water fountain has become the gathering place of groups of 20 or more young men wandering around in a state of clear intoxication, drinking beer and breaking glass bottles.

Rock Creek Park Homeless Camps Map.

Photoessay on homeless camps.

The scene and the type of location are very worrisomely similar to the circumstances of the unsolved death in 1975 of Kathy Beatty.

This is not far from the scene of the murder of Sue Wen Stottmeister.